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[MUSIC] So this might look like an average key chain but it's not. Hidden in its metallic tendrils are everything you need to charge your Apple product. That's right. On the go, you can have your phone charged at any moment, with this beautiful key chain. You can obviously attach your keys to it. But I love putting it on my bag as a little decorative piece. So it grows out, it's raining and snowing but I still wanna wear cute shoes. Which is why I'm absolutely loving these Palladium boots. They're sleek, they look good, they actually are super functional as well. I love the toggle on the back that keeps my foot super dry. Right on, Palladium. All right, talk about dope. This cosmetic company called Beautiful Rights is all about giving back to women. They literally donate 20% of all sales to organizations that support women's causes. The products have names like GLOSS CEILING, POLITICALLY POUT, And pantsuit pink. I also love the fact that the packaging mimics a glass ceiling being shattered. Just remember, around the world, girls. I hope you love these products as much as I do. That's it for dope stuff on my desk this week. Check back next week.