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[MUSIC] Hey, it's Julee, and I am here with lots of dope stuff on my desk that you guys need to know about. [MUSIC] Okay, first prepare to cut down on your beauty regimen in the morning. Bite Beauty has come up with MultiStick which can be used as a lipstick on your cheeks and your eyes which is Genius. The best part is it comes in 18 different shades. So there's definitely a color for your skin tone. [MUSIC] Okay, so I've been trying to get my skin information and I have to say that the next company has definitely help me to do that and it is Bloomsbury Square it's a black owned company and I just love it. So my favorite products of the collection is there's connector. It's really light weight cucumber oil and I put it on after I wash my face. face in the morning and night. It's all organic and non toxic which is great for the environment, great for you great for everyone. Okay so I am a sentimental type of girl and so when this next item came across my desk I fell in love. This bracelet is from a company called coordinate and it has an actual geographical coordinate to my home in Chester Springs Pennsylvania I mean how sweet is that? So, the fact that they are completely customizable is just genius. And, they make amazing gifts. And, they are just really sweet and beautiful, don't you think? [MUSIC]
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