<p>Dope Stuff On My Desk: A Few Fab Products That Will Definitely Get Your Hair Together This Winter</p>


In this edition of “Dope Stuff On My Desk” I’m sharing a few of my favorite follicle-friendly finds that will help maintain your mane through these cold months. 

I think winter is perfect time for experimenting with hair color. If you mess up there are plenty of hats, scarves and layers to keep your hair under wraps. BUT you won’t need all of that if you’re using Clairol’s Color Crave line. The rich creams have great color payoff and enough nutrients to keep your hair healthy in the process. Happy hue-ing! 

Next up, I’m loving this innovative new product by Cantu — an apple cider vinegar dry co-wash. Yup, it’s a dry shampoo with a moisturizing benefits of a conditioner. And that’s not all, Cantu also has a new masque for heat damaged hair and even promotes growth. 

Last but not least, Creme of Nature is now offering a slew of new products including an apple cider vinegar rinse that has become my go-to when I’m rocking protective styles. 

Check out those products and more in the video above!