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[MUSIC] Vroom [LAUGH] This razor is called MOTO. And it's by Headblade. It's actually a razor for people with bald heads, but I love using it for my legs, My private area, wherever I need a smooth, amazing shave. I really love the free-wheeling ball because it allows it to move smoothly across my skin. It was modeled after a motorcycle. It's sexy, it's sleek, I live. We all know and love Bobby Brown for Dope cosmetics. Now the company is getting in skin care with Bobbi Brown Remedies. One of my favorites is the skin clarifier which helps tighten my pores and control any excess oil. I'm also really loving the skin salve, which is perfect for the cold weather months. Let's start the year off right with some inspiring words Especially ones from the incomparable Maya Angelou. Dogeared teamed up with Angelou's family to put some of her most famous quotes on a variety of different accessories. This pouch is one of my favorites. Nothing can dim Dim the light which shines from within. Gotta love that. I'm wishing you all a very happy and beautiful year. See you in 2017 with more dope stuff on my desk.
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