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Women across the country said that Donald Trumps comment about Robin Women 'cause him to discuss similar experiences of harassment with there husbands and boyfriends. How do we have this conversation so that we can heal And improve relationships between men and women. Jamal I will start with you.>> I think we just have to be open and honest. It's, the conversation is going to be an uncomfortable one. There's no way that it goes completely left unless the person you're speaking to feels guilty of doing such things.>>True. So just be open about it, be honest about it, be Very straightforward about what makes you uncomfortable, what makes you comfortable. And if you don't get a yes, assume it's a no. That's kind of a very good rule of thumb just in general. Like always assume that it is a no unless you get an explicit yes. I'm having circle yes, circle no. Uh-huh. Christina? Having those conversations about consent and understanding what that means. So sitting down with your family. Taking that shame away. Uh-huh. Because there's so much shame wrapped up in sex alone. That I don't know if we can have healthy conversations about consensual sex, right? That's a very good point. And also tackling misogyny as it stands in society today, because that's gonna take away that victim blaming that will allow women to come forth [UNKNOWN] and not feel like shamed or not feel attacked for telling someone, hey, I've been assaulted. And Men holding men accountable. It's like that. Just to piggy back on what Christina said, I think the accountability factor is huge, we have to start holding ourselves accountable. And we have to get back to the sense of a village raising one, because our village, our whole village issue is broken right now, families are broken. And it's showing effect in the generations coming forth and all these violent acts I think are a reflection of this. So we need to get back to more people are trying to help raise the children that these parents are not taking accountability for. Thank you. And last, but certainly not least [UNKNOWN] I think, it's really interesting with what everyone is saying. I think it's an accountability issue. And I do think that celebrities in particular and male celebrities like Rene Parker this is an opportunity to really say hey I don't know what consent is. I'd like to put money towards having men. Very good point. Had these conversations among themselves, taking accountability to teach young men about consent, and really just making it a community effort to have these conversations and to be open and honest and to say, it's okay to not know. It's better to not know and ask than to go forward in ignorance. And so I think it really We should really call and I don't wanna say all celebrities but men who are influential. And it doesn't necessarily have to be celebrity in terms of sports and entertainment but also our political leaders. I mean it would be nice to have [MUSIC] Someone who is respected in the community to come and take it upon themselves and talk to young men and young women about these situations and be very clear about what it is that is yes and what is no and how you want to be treated and how you should treat one another. Thank you so much for joining us. Please continue to dig in. Please continue to drink up. This has been. A heavy conversation. I know each and every one of you out there in Facebook land, you have lots of comments that you're gonna give us. So keep them coming. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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