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[MUSIC] We have an Oscar winner, red carpet dominator if you will, blockbuster powerhouse joining us. Mr. Denzel Washington, how are you? I'm good. [LAUGH] I'm gonna get a t-shirt. Does he like that? I like to get creative. Red carpet We're dominating. We're talking about a cause that's very close to your heart, the Boys and Girls Club of America. That's right. So, you've been a spokesperson for the organization for over 20 years, but the BGCA has also been a part of your life. Since you were six years old when you first started going to your local branch in Mount Vernon New York. At that age, most youth are going to a program because they have to, if you will. But what was it about BGCA that captured your attention at such A young age and was able to keep your attention. You know, especially through those teen years and those high school years. They were actually building the club, I think I was either in kindergarten or the first grade when they were building the building. So I would pass it everyday wondering what it was gonna be and what was gonna go on over there. And as I found out. You know the first thing I said to my mother, I want to join. I want to be a part of it so I've been a part of it for 50 year or something. Or more. Was there a particular program that spoke to you was it like a workshop or a mentor that you- No, no. Initially I think it was just a place to go play. And the cool thing about it was Nobody said oh you're learning these life lessons. You're thinking you just go to play ball or run around and do this and that but really you were learning about working together as a team, being a gracious winner and loser. It's just all kinds of life lessons that you learn through what you think is just play. And those are some powerful life lessons that can carry anyone very far all the way through adulthood. I love the new PSA. You gather a great group of celebrities, and influencers who are impacted by the Boys and Girls clubs. There's Jennifer Lopez, Misty Copeland, Karry Washington, Shaquille O'Neal, Cuba Gooding, Jr., just to name a few. My favorite take away from the piece is, a quote, where you say, where many doors open, these doors transform. How do you feel you were. Transformed through the organization. Well, I mean, in so many ways. Just in so many ways. How do you, that's a good question for you. Okay. How have you been transformed? Oh, and before we say you, would you like to introduce who is joining you? The newly announced winner, would you like to introduce her, Mr. Washington? You, you go ahead. That sounded pretty good. The newly announced. I am the National Youth of the Year for Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Woo woo! Thank you. Thank you. Congratulations And I don't want to downplay that at all. I've been doing some research and it's quite a process to become the winner. So tell us about your journey. Right. So when I started going to the Boys and Girls Club I was definitely in a very dark place. Just because of the struggles that I dealt with at home. Mm hmm. And I didn't really think that my life mattered at that point. I didn't think that I had a purpose in this life. Mm hmm. Wow. But when I started going to the boys and girls club, the staff that I met really. Showed me that I have potential to be somebody great, and, I can lead and inspire people to really see their fullest potential as well. So, I was going from being this person who didn't believe in themselves and didn't believe in the value of their life and my goals. To being able to lead and now succeed because we got in and we never left. And that's a blessing. [LAUGH] There you go and once you're a club kid, you're always a club kid. It's awesome. You're not always a kid but you're always a club kid. You're always a club kid. Maybe a kid at heart. [LAUGH] There ya go. [MUSIC]

Denzel Washington on 'The Boys & Girls Club of America'

Academy Award winner Denzel Washington joins Dana via satellite along with the National Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year.