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Tonight, the FX drama Snowfall returns for a fifth season and leading man Damson Idris assures us we’re in for a “whirlwind” of a time. Picking up 15 months after where season 4 left off, audiences will watch Idris’s character, Franklin Saint, navigate a number of new realities.

“A lot’s changing in Franklin’s life,” Idris tells ESSENCE. “He’s got way more money now. He’s about to be a father now — which is crazy — with his serious girlfriend called Veronique and his headspace this season is mostly trying to get out of the game and trying to be more legit.”

Despite Franklin having a new love in his life, there’s no denying his childhood crush, Melody Wright, is a fan favorite. But Idris was tight-lipped when it came to the possibility of her return this season.

“People really love Melody’s character. She was a victim of the times like many women like her self were,” Idris says before adding a coy, “we’ll see,” regarding a potential reappearance.

When it comes to his own career, Idris is holding out hope for an ideal scenario of his own. During press runs for Macbeth, the young star became a topic of discussion when journalists asked the film’s lead, Denzel Washington, about Idris’s impersonation of him. Not yet familiar with Idris’s work, Washington referred to the talented thespian as “Dancin,” sparking a great deal of discussion around the Internet. The fumble was no big deal to Idris, however.

“Denzel is my idol. He’s a giant in this community and I would never, ever, ever have anything bad to say about him,” Idris says. “What he says goes. If you wanna call me Dancin, call be Dancin. I hope he gets to eventually watch my work because I’m standing on his shoulders definitely.”

Check out our full interview with Damson Idris in the video above. Snowfall returns to FX tonight at 10 pm.


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