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[BLANK_AUDIO] Welcome welcome you know I'm just warming up, we love you and you know we love you and we also know that you're a world class freestyler so we want to put you up to the test. I'm going to join in too. What we're going to do is we're going to put some images on the screen and we're going to do a quick freestyle about the image. Seems pretty easy. We'll just go back and forth until the time runs out. Okay. You ready? Yes, I'm ready. All right. Drop the music, please! [MUSIC] All right, here's the first picture, Go! One, to, yo, you always got flows, looking at my man, the name is D. Rose You know how it shows, this [INAUDIBLE] When it comes to freestyle, I'm the MVP, that's how it is, you can follow me and D-Rose yo we both from Chicago. That's easy. Ninja I'm gonna slay the rhyme like a ninja, figure I may not win this, I'm from Louisiana not Chicago, this is what I want you all to know, how we roll Superbowl. [LAUGH] my arms are ice cold. What. I don't even have to say anything else. [LAUGH] Yo. Check it out. I'm not only here to entertain, I come off the brain. When my train of thought is sort of like this train. This is how it is, yo I'm saying what I feel. I was rocking that train on hell on wheels. That was in eighteen hundred Yo I get it dolphin. I get it dolphin. Yo Dana go get coughing, trying to disturb but still my words be. Just like that train sort of dirty early that's how it is. Constance, I'm the rhyming with. Look at the candles, I see- That's my turn. I was traveling [MUSIC] Step back. Step back. What can I do when I rep rap. Come since I love girls jet black. That's how it is, that's why I got the presence. You gone see me rocking at the show called Essence. Dana learning lessons about this stare. Coming off the top with no hair. Dana Blair. Plus it's common sense you know I'm so rare. They said to freestyle battle yo it ain't [MUSIC] That's how it is, me and her we like a team. Woah. [SOUND]. I like that flow. My shoes, my hair, that's what I'm gonna use on my tinder profile. Because people ask me about this all the time, I'm toasted, toasty. Yo. Whatever coasts, don't even boast, yeah Dana got toast. Thick, like a little bread, that's what's said. Don't challenge me when it comes to off the head, but that's okay. [UNKNOWN] will keep running. A different type of style, I got love for the black woman so I could let you know why I'm coming down for girls. I wrote a rhyme called If The Women Ruled The World. Well, really. It's me sober. It's called the women took over. I feel like Common got bars. [INAUDIBLE] got keys. I'm gonna learn how to do this whole [INAUDIBLE]. Flowin' off the top of the dome, I'm goin' home, New Orleans, Louisiana, going to the Super Dome. Watchin' my man Common, buy a ticket. Yup. This. I think that was for you Common. [LAUGH] Yeah, check it out y'all. I know you see that. It ain't awful certain, I'm looking right now at that girl Serena twerking, she's putting it to working, doing her thing. When it comes to this, you know that girl, she's a black queen, so what, what can we do yo? Yo throw up the dub, I guess it's all there cuz the girl is showing love, so it's like this yo, she's never afraid, that's why she rocking that joint And the lemonade. So what, what can you do when you look, look at me? She got that lemonade. And I'm the iced tea. So yo, the style is free, yo. How wild I be, yo? She smile at me. We got the buzzer. I'm gonna stick to talking and doing marketing proposals. Because that's my lane, I have to bow down to you. But you didn't have to nod when I said I was going land on your ear. You didn't have to nod just now when I said that. You didn't have to nod, I'm just saying. [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] truthful But thank you so much, high five. Thank you. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Common Freestyles on Serena Williams, Riley Curry and Essence Festival

Watch Common show off his rap skills as he battles in an "un-common" freestyle about Derrick Rose, ninjas, little Riley Curry, and of course, the ESSENCE Festival on 'ESSENCE Live!