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[MUSIC] My mom's food is spiritual. It really is. And I would prefer even though I'm all natural And stuff now, the cranberry sauce out of the cans that you got to go [SOUND]. I like that better, I don't like the berries and all that kind of stuff. And my mom makes me my own stuffing because My stuffing has raisins in it. Stuffing is such a mixture. Stuff that you don't want to trust everybody put their hand in that because you don't know what's at the bottom [LAUGH]. You don't know what's at the bottom of that bowl. I like my mother's macaroni and cheese. But there's different ways of making mac and cheese. A truffle mac and cheese. A triple like cheese mac and cheese. Oh, bacon mac and cheese. She puts her you know cream of mushroom in there. And a lot of people don't do that. And it gives it a whole nother element to it. My mom, she actually puts the layers on. ANd she makes it almost like a cake. Macaroni and cheese that's all stuck together like plastic that you can pull like this. I can tell when it's not cream of mushroom in the macaroni and cheese because it don't have that moisture that I'm looking for. If my mom didn't make macaroni and cheese, I don't. point. I just can't compromise on that. It may kill me but hell that's just some good death. [MUSIC] [SOUND]

Celebs On the Meals They Only Trust their Mamas to Make

From a myriad of macaroni and cheese to special stuffing, celebs reveal the meals that they would only trust their mothers to make.