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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm chef Jourdan Cha'taun, celebrity chef to the stars. [MUSIC] What's the most memorable meal you've ever prepared? I'd have to say for Floyd Mayweather. I was with him for three or four training camps, so it's like the meals before the fight and just knowing that I was a part of history at the time. That's amazing. What keeps me motivated? My bills [LAUGH] But I actually decided at 19 years old that I would study culinary professionally. I come from a very traumatic childhood, so the kitchen was a safe haven for me. And the goal was always to become a celebrity's personal chef. Sean P. Diddy Combs, Puffy, Puff Daddy, was my first celebrity client. If you have a specialty high profile clients right now, they want things to be clean. A lot of people are doing Paleo, Gluten Free, dairy free. So you can create a custom meal plan for someone based on their dietary needs. Yes. You're like the best of both worlds in that department. It's like- You said it, not me. I'll take it Cosine, I will take it. So, what are we making it tonight? Today, we are doing a honey lavender chicken, cauliflower [UNKNOWN], and brussels sprout medley. That sounds so good. [MUSIC] It looks amazing. It's like art. I have to taste this cauliflower au gratin because I really We need a healthy alternative to mac and cheese in my life. [MUSIC] Oh my god. Amazing. Awesome. Delicious. Fabulous, I taste just, I'm serious, it taste just Just like mac and cheese. Now I can't wait to seize the chicken. [MUSIC] Oh my god, stealing this recipe. I'd have to say I fell in love with Kasin probably Probably around three years old. And I believe in manifestations. I believe that we can be anything that we wanna be. You sure you're not gonna share? No. I can't have it? Well, yeah, you, but I'm not sharing with my husband. That's decided. [MUSIC]

Celeb Chef Jourdan ChaTaun's Recipe to Great Cooking

The chef who brought flavor to Diddy and Floyd Mayweather's kitchen makes a delicious honey lavender chicken.