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[SOUND] [MUSIC] You could describe the film in one word, what would that be? Spike Lee joint. Peace. Peace. Truth. Ambitious. Unapologetic. Wow. Historical. Historical. Feels like a dream kind of. I'm like wait, I'm in this. This is cool. So I'm really excited about it. Got some sisters, looking good, got a little meat on our bones, you know what I mean? I will deny all right Of access or interest. It's no coincidence that he chose a chocolate, thick hip, nosed, lipped, everything woman to essentially be the heroine of this film. The whole point was to raise awareness. Whether you like it or you don't like it, you're aware. Marketing helps so whether it's pro or con the fact that people are talking about it is important. And hopefully the conversation will elevate to some mobilization that we will be able to save some lives at the same time. What the movie says is that we care. We can all care, and we can all make a concerted effort to do something to stem the tide of violence, then I think it will have an impact. People are dying in our community every day. And we need to use every form we can to get that message out. We want people to talk about the film, and really address the issues that are not only happening in Chicago, but across the US and across the world. It's about bringing it into the strife, and giving the hood the true meaning of life. It's not just our community, black people. This is our community at large. [MUSIC] As a nation. This is an issue that we have to deal with. And that's what this movie is saying. Hey, it's, it's not them over there, this is us. [BLANK_AUDIO]

The Cast of 'Chi-Raq' Speaks Out About the Film's Message

The cast of 'Chi-Raq' hit the red carpet and spoke out about the film's message and the importance of bringing awareness to what's happening in Chicago and America at large.