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So, a few seconds ago, I'm standing here, doing my thing, tossing my bangs. And I kinda had a fan out moment, because look who's joining me? Vanessa Williams. How are you? Rockabye, baby. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] I'm like hugging her, like oh my god, I love you. And then of course we had a hair moment. Did, we did, we're loving, like, our short crop 'do, our naturals. So, tonight, we are celebrating 45 years of Essence. Black women. Yes, black women. Listen, this is, like, the gospel, this is like the Bible, the, like, the critical, you know, manual, for our, for living for black women. It was, like, you know, I talk about it in my one-woman show. It is, it is, a chronicle of our lives. That should be our new mission statement. Oh yeah. We're going to work on it [CROSSTALK] Yeah, let's talk about that, let's talk about that. A little bit later, okay, so tell me, who are you looking forward to seeing tonight? Oh my goodness, Jill and just everybody, like this is, this event, the Essence of Black Women in Music event during Grammy week. is the coveted, most looked forward to moment for me. Always. I haven't missed one. I haven't missed one. And but, but, you, when you, when we see the new artists who are coming out and Essence is always good about supporting, as we are as black women, supporting each other. There so I'm just thrilled and excited to be here. We gonna groove, we gonna dance, we gonna sing, so sing along. It's just a glorious time. So when I walk up to you on the inside and it's time to pop, lock- Oh, [INAUDIBLE] And just go to town, you're gonna dance with me, right? Girl, I come here to work, I come. Way to get it done. [LAUGH] Okay. [INAUDIBLE] All right. Ask anybody. [CROSSTALK] All right. So tell me. What's your favorite, if you could pick one, Jill Scott song? Oh my goodness. [MUSIC] And then, I love the one about. [MUSIC] You know. [LAUGH] Just like, I mean just like that whole album. Was just like, the soundtrack, of our lives. I'm a Louisiana girl, anytime you can yell out a lyric that says *****! Come on! It's a good night! That's our girlfriend right there. I'm like I wanna go to her house and eat some grits with her, our kids, go to, her baby boy goes to the same school that my, my two went to. Okay. My, and my oldest, that, my oldest is gonna graduate from high school this year. And it's so thrilling, exciting, yes, I'm really thrilled and excited. He's going to his top school, one of his top choices, Cooper Union in New York, whoo whoo. That's a quick shout out. Yeah, Congratulations on that. Here at Essence we're all like family so we, we're just catching up and everybody's connected. Yeah, what we do, exactly, exactly. Well we're gonna get inside. I'll see you. Yes! Thank you so very much, of course. I'll see you inside. I'm ready. I'm pumped and ready. I'm tossing my bangs, tying my hair up and I'm ready. [UNKNOWN] Okay, alright, I'll see you inside. Thank you so much. Bye Essence, I love you!

BWIM: Vanessa Williams

Vanessa Williams chats with 'ESSENCE Live' host Dana Blair on the red carpet of ESSENCE Black Women in Music 2015.