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[SOUND] We're gonna hook you up with some great suggestions in our Essence Live Holiday Gift Guide. Plus, all of the gifts we're featuring are from black-owned businesses. Joining me to talk about these dope gifts is founder and editor-in-chief of, Ms. Genese Jamilah. To the show. Thank you for having me. Thank you so much for coming, and of course I always love a good goodie. Huh. So you have actually a gift guide on your site, right? Yes, this year we created the black on holiday gift guide to feature gifts for Christmas and Kwanzaa for our readers. So you have no excuse from whatever you celebrate to not have the right gifts. So our first set of gifts Is for the new bae in your life. Let's star with what the men should get for their ladies. Sure. As we all know, subscription boxes are the new rage. Here is some [INAUDIBLE] No, it's okay. You can go. We're gonna do what the fellas should buy the ladies first. Oh, sorry about that. Because the men need to get it together first. Actually our first gift Hm? Is from Domesticated Drea. They're custom made coats for the lady in your life. Oh, nice. These are actually extremely beautiful, very luxurious textures and furs and fabric Now, say for instance. This is obviously for like a [UNKNOWN] so a woman that's a little bit more bold. And it's being [UNKNOWN] and standing out. But what would you recommend, say for example, if your girlfriend or boo is not as maybe fancy. She wants something a little bit more simple. Well maybe like a piece of artwork or like what would you recommend. We have this great artwork from Alana Ladson. It's inexpensive, you can get it from It can go on her desk or in her home. To brighten up the mood and always think of you. Oh that's awesome. And so now this box down here is really interesting. Is this something that the ladies can get for the gentlemen? Yes this is for the men in your life. Hopefully he's stylish, if not, you can get this box for him. You can upgrade him if he's not stylish. [LAUGH] For $25 every month and he'll get a tie and four accessory pieces. Oh, and it's $25 every month? Yes. So you just sign him up? Yes. And when you break up, so you cut him off? Absolutely. Oh, okay. [LAUGH] I'm just curious, I was just curious. I wanted to make sure I knew what was gonna happen. Now, next we all have that close girlfriend, that BFF and sometimes they're a little bit picky What do you recommend, maybe is this something for the home? I hear you have some pillows. Yes, we have these great pillows down here. Mm-hm. They're a little Afro-centric, you can also get them from Etsy, oops sorry. That's okay. From Needle and Thread for an inexpensive price to decorate their homes. That is also, now do you often recommend say, for example, if you don't know what to get that picky person something for the home? I would- [INAUDIBLE] one size fits all situation. So, you can get candles or you can get a. Picture frame that works for everyone. Okay. Awesome, thank you. And now what's a good idea for that secret Santa at the office because sometimes you may pull someone and you don't really know them to get them a personal gift that they are your coworker, just someone in your department. So what would you recommend for a coworker. Since we all don't do clubs anymore, most of us do. Most of us have game nights, black cards Card Revoked is a great black-owned company that you can add to your game night. Okay, I want to test this out because I find this game extremely interesting. So I, hopefully my black card don't get revoked, even though some of you out there already say that. I'm just saying. Okay, shoot, I'm ready. Which character from Cooley HIgh was a regular cast member on A Different World? A Tyrone, B Cochise, C Pooter, and D Preach. [UNKNOWN] Oh, Jesus Lord. I don't know, I'm just gonna yell Preach. Correct. Oh! [LAUGH] Boom. All right, so let me ask you one. You know, that's how I made it through college, guessing. Okay, in what city did Rosa Parks refuse to move to the back of the bus? A Tuskegee Alabama B, Montgomery, Alabama, c, Birmingham, Alabama, or d, Jackson, Mississippi? B. Okay, you're still black. You're still black. Okay, so we've covered almost everything from the new bae, to co-workers and the BFF. But what about the kids? You know at Essence we love the kids. What's a good option for say, that niece or the god daughter that you You have in your life. Okay, so since those Ava dolls sold out so quickly, the Barbie ones, there's another option, the Muse doll. You can have it customized to look like the girl in your life. Okay. Or you can just buy the general doll. This doll is from Lagos Nigeria. This is actually so adorable, and you said personalized. Can you tell me a little bit more about that? You would send in a picture of your niece or your god-daughter. And they will customize dolls to look like her. Oh that's awesome. And she's wearing this cute little outfit and those of you out there in Essence Live land you can't see but on the back of the box is a really beautiful story and just kind of background that makes it feel more personable. And I love her hair. [MUSIC] Super adorable. Right. So there you have it. No excuses, Essence Live family. You now have some great gift options, so you have to get to shopping. A big thank you to all of our Black-owned companies who participated to our Holiday gift guide, and thank you so much for joining us. [SOUND]

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