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[SOUND] A Maryland Bride, Bri Lynn Freeman, posted a picture of her and her father, Dr. Mike Freeman, a pastor, having a father-daughter dance during her October 10th wedding. Her caption read, and I quote, another one of my favs dancing with my first love. I was able to present a certificate of purity to him signed by my doctor that my hymen was still in tact. [LAUGH] Oh. Get it together Sharia. Also the covenant he gave me when I was 13. When you honor God your life with automatically honor others. I love you, daddy. Okay. I wish y'all could see, at the, their faces right now. Right. Is this a slay or a shade? On the count of three, one, two, three. [LAUGH] Whoa, shade, shade, shade. Shade! [LAUGH] You laugh, cuz you feel like you gotta get it together. Abiola, why the shade? As the daughter of a minister, I have to say that this is appalling! Papa, whoever her dad is Your father and your hymen do not belong in the same sentence. [LAUGH] Not at all. They just don't. They just do not, and if her father would have written me at intimacy intervention column. Well plugged. I would have said you need to tell your daughter no. I adore you for your worth not your Hymen or virginity. I love you, my daughter, because of who you are inside, because of what is up here, because of what you bring to the table, not because of anything going on with your body. Yes. That's what her father should have said. Absolutely. That was a gem she just dropped. I hope y'all caught that. I've got to pick up the mic. Pick it up, pick it up, talk about it. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] I totally agree that your value is so not in your vajayjay. And I think it's very dangerous messaging, for young women especially, to feel like if you have had sex before, all of a sudden you're not a worthy. Mm-hm. And so I think it's very dangerous that, you don't get a prize, I mean, of course we want you to respect your body. But it's not to put yourself on some shelf as if You know, that's not where your value is. You wanna be worthy as a person. And it's also as Abigail said, from a medical termpoint, there have been people who've been through trauma, there've people who play soccer in school, so all of a sudden, having a hymen or not doesn't mean you have any more. Yeah! Right! More value. Had to fight the school bully in the seventh grade. [LAUGH] Yeah, right? That's too much information, Essence, I'm sorry. [LAUGH] I mean, it's weird for me, cuz I feel like one of these days I'm gonna have a child and it's probably gonna be a daughter. And if you're daddy's little girl, there's things I'm just gonna take your word for. [LAUGH] You know what I'm saying? There's some things I don't need to know. Is there something you would even want to know? I don't even wanna know. I'm just gonna assume the worst anyway, because, Wait. I have to ask you. I'm sorry to cut you off to ask this. If you were marrying that young lady, As her husband, how would you feel knowing that she had that conversation with your father-in-law. There's a few questions I want to ask. [LAUGH] Like, first of all, I mean like not for nothing [LAUGH] I mean I'm glad she's a beautiful Christian woman and you know she's proven to the Lord that she's pure and to her doctors that she's pure and everything. [LAUGH] But, I mean, nobody wants to take a car off the lot without test driving it first. What? [LAUGH] Now, you just walked into a whole nother territory. There's a high probability. I mean, statistics show Can you please finish that, that statistics show what? Statistics show that divorce life is more likely than a long sustained marriage. Not based off of that. Not based off of that, but I'm saying there's gonna be a time where you're gonna Do that with your woman, with your wife, and if you get bored. I'm going to stop you there, and I'm going to move onto the third section. [LAUGH] It's cool. I can't even deal with him. We're going to check in with our Facebook Fam. [LAUGH] Tara Josie says saving yourself is great and I agree, but why we give these papers to your dad? Why give papers at all? Should be something discussed with your future husband, aka not Cass.

Bride Presents 'Purity Certificate' to her Father on Wedding Day

A Maryland bride presented a "certificate of purity" to her father on her wedding day. See if our panel is throwing shade or giving her a slay.