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I have so many people to thank, for this journey and, being here and seeing all of your faces, I feel so supported and so. Privileged and also I feel responsibility, I feel responsibility on my shoulders but it's wonderful because for me, um,I'm not African-American, I'm British. And as you rightly said, David, I am both black and white at the same time. Which, for me, has been, a journey. I think I, I always thought, gosh, black women in Hollywood, I don't know, do I even qualify to be here? I- Yes. [LAUGH] [APPLAUSE]. [APPLAUSE] Thank you. It's, it's it's it's a unique journey, and I think for me, I really, I'm so grateful to wonderful, inspiring film makers. Like Amma Asante, director of Belle, who reminded me. To follow my instincts and the journey we always used to talk about for the character of Dido being your instinct versus your social conditioning and needing that. To be able to harness who you really are without other people labeling you, without other people telling you what to be or what you should be. And so, for me, I, I thank Emma from the bottom of my heart. Gino [LAUGH] [UNKNOWN] who literally, it is no joke, Gino. 3 years ago said to me, you'll be up there, and I laughed. [LAUGH] But Gina, such a soulful, tenacious, passionate, talented woman, and I, you know, I stand on your shoulders, I, every opportunity to show. The multifaceted played role that was Noni that you created. So thank you, hugely for that, and when I knew that I was going to be receiving this award, the idea of looking back at this year of work and these two roles that we've just seen a little bit of, but. The idea of these roles exploring identity, and what that means, and for me never really knowing where I fitted in, being an only child from Oxford. [LAUGH] Never having siblings and, and a feeling he has such a sense of. Family and community, and to be embraced so joyously is just such an inspiration to me. I had all of these ideas and issues with my identity, and it was coming through my work. I, gifts like Belle and gifts like Beyond the Lights, exploring who you are, and, and for me having that clarity of, this is it. If I don't leap and be fearless, it's the end. And, it gave me the courage, I, to. Go to South Africa for the first time gave me the courage to explore both sides of being Black and White at the same time. And it really was a gift. So, I guess all that is to say [LAUGH] that our fears. Can sometimes be our, our greatest liberators if we stand up and face them. So thank you [APPLAUSE]. The work has taught me that. And thank you for acknowledging that. Thank you. [APPLAUSE]
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