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Celebrating The Holidays While Black Is A Blessing

"You can't sit at the table if you can't play spades," actor Morocco Omari said.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The special mac & cheese—you know the one your favorite auntie makes—is baking in the oven. The Temptations are harmonizing all up and through your momma’s house. And that one cousin just walked into your grandma’s house wearing a full length mink, Versace shades and nothing but shade to throw at all the younger cousins.

Yes, yes y’all. It’s the holiday season! But nothing beats celebrating the holidays while Black. Our people carry out traditions and make new ones like no other.

Grammy winning artist H.E.R. told ESSENCE, “The food is probably as Black as it gets!” And she’s right because our holiday dishes can stand on their own but make powerful magic when on the table together. You’re thinking about that mac & cheese touching the yams right now, aren’t you?

“So, in my family, at any time, we can burst into song. That can happen at the table with a mouth full of food, when everybody’s going for leftovers…” singer Kelly Price shared with a laugh.

Check out the video above to see what makes some of your faves’ holidays the Blackest celebration of all time. From Anthony Hamilton to Instagram superstar Renny, you will definitely relate to these moments. Happy holidays!