Billboard has caused an uproar on the Internet: Last week the music zine released its lists celebrating the biggest in music during this past decade, and and there’s no doubt the expansive compilation was curated based on numbers.

But after seeing the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs of the 2010s and peeping that rapper Macklemore sat on the top, many of us are in our feelings. Drake pun intended.

No offense to any of the artists topping this particular chart, but how was this list created?

We’re talking hot hip-hop and R&B over the past ten years. Ja Rule and Ashanti didn’t earn a spot and we all know the 2000s were all about Murder, Inc.

Juvenile was definitely reppin’ for ’99 and the 2000s, but not according to this list.

There was a lot of Macklemore, expectedly some Bruno Mars and not enough high-ranking Drake songs on the list.

Check out the latest OverExplainer reacting to Billboard‘s R&B and hip-hop songs of the past decade.


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