10 Low-Calorie Cocktail Recipes You'll Thank Us For

Celebrate healthier drinking habits with 10 cocktail recipes under 200 calories.

Amber McKynzie Jun, 16, 2016

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Mix Sprite, blueberries, fresh mint and vodka - or blueberry vodka for a sweeter taste - and you'll have one of Picklee's favorite "skinny" concoctions. 

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Channel your inner island self and nourish your need for a frozen libation with Cella Jane.

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Go ahead and spike your lemon-berry slush - not to be confused with Sonic's signature drink - because With Salt and Wit said so.

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My Recipes' champagne limoncello cocktail might be rimmed with sugar, but it's 150 calories. You can't beat that.

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Get your mojito on with My Recipes' slushy variation to the usual beverage.

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Thanks to My Recipes, gin and fruit juice can come together for a low-calorie delight.

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Brandy isn't just for the good ol' boys anymore. Indulge in My Recipes' gingered pear and brandy cocktail on any occasion. 

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Not to be confused with an Amaretto Sour, My Recipes' Amaretto Lime Shiner is just as fun!

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Forget the Hot Toddy! Try My Recipes' Hot Tea Mojito. It will be an experience you won't regret.

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Let Picklee help you transport your cocktail desires to an afternoon of unforgettable sunsets on in the beach, in the office or wherever you might be!