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[SOUND] Welcome back to Essence Live. Joining me, now, in studio, a little bit of a trouble maker, but you may know him as eye candy. Former NFL star and actor, Thomas Jones, how are you? I'm great, thanks for having me. Thank you for coming in and causing such chaos in the Essence Live studio. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Hey, look, that's what I do. I see that. You're stirring up quite a bit on Being Mary Jane. You're on the cuddy buddy if you will that Mary Jane just can't stop having sex with. So how or what do you do to get into character for all those scenes? I just think about the audience and the viewers. They're watching this, so it's not about me, it's not about My comfort level or discomfort level it's about the audience and the viewers and I want to make sure that when they watch the show this is a great show, its Gabriel Union's show [INAUDIBLE] show. RIght. I want them to believe every scene Do your ex-teammates call you up and like Thomas really? That last scene, like really. They give you a hard time? People hit me on social media and I think that a lot of people were shocked because as a football player I really wasn't that much in the public eye, was very low key didn't really interact that much with the media and I didn't really interact that much with my teammates outside of the locker room. I was pretty much by myself and for them to see me this way It's almost like a totally different person. Thomas Jones is a football player and then I added my middle initial, Thomas Q. Jones to my actor name because I wanted to literally transform and become this actor. Differentiate. Yeah. And I think for them to see me, especially doing those scenes. The first do are probably like. [LAUGH] Is this the same guy? Mm-hm. So Very very fortunate. This past week you got caught in the act. Do you know what I mean when I say the act? Or the action, as my little card here says. So in real life have you ever been busted while having sex, in the act. Oh, okay. [LAUGH] Way to catch up with Thomas, way to catch up Thomas. The light bulb finally came on. It was a dimmer, it was a dimmer on the light. And you had to turn it up. You know what happened in this weeks episode of Ladies Games with Essence Live. You know what happened. I remember recording the act. Yeah. I was home with one of my girlfriends from a while, years back. And I was at my parents' house. My mom [CROSSTALK] Why is your voice dropping? We need to be able to hear you on Essence Live. Oh, oh, sorry, sorry, sorry, I'm sorry. Yes, yes, please share the story. Please share the story. [LAUGH] My mother is like, she's almost like a burglar in her own house because she never goes to sleep, she's always up doing laundry and stuff. [LAUGH] It was four a.m, I'm like she's asleep. My girlfriend at the time was like, it's your mom's house your dad's house. I'm like don't worry about it their asleep. [LAUGH] So whatever [NOISE] Now your mom is traumatized. [LAUGH] Like oh god, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm like, we're just talking just talking. Totally different conversation.

'Being Mary Jane' Star Thomas Q Jones Dishes on Steamy Scenes with Gabrielle Union

Dana Blair sits down with Thomas Q Jones from Being Mary Jane and gets the details on those steamy 'Being Mary Jane' sex scenes.