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[MUSIC] I think my favorite part about today's shoot was probably being fussed over. That's never really happened before, and it reminded me that I'm, like, still a normal person. And I still like makeup and clothes and hair so that was fun. [MUSIC] I think my mom was and is probably the most important person. If she hadn't passed away last year I probably would not have Gone to protest. If I wouldn't have had the bravery to go, cuz I just kept thinking like what would she do if she was 25 and no kids? And I feel like she would be there and she wouldn't leave. [MUSIC] Dealing with the spotlight is really hard cuz I'm kind of a introvert, which is why I do so well in the protest space because you can be aggressive, you can be Angry and you can be all these things that women aren't supposed to be. It's hard dealing with all these different people and all their different opinions. Especially dealing with the demographic of people that weren't really interested in what a young, black woman had to say two years ago. Black girl magic is just Oh, you like can't replicate it, and then this movement space is just many amazing black women all over the place. I remember the first day I met Bree Newsome, I like could have cried. To me she represents like, she's like a gift, I feel. She's still very much her own person and I feel like she's very genuine, and like I need that so badly, and Brittney Packnett, and Erica Taugher, all these amazing people that I've met, I think they are just spectacular. [MUSIC]

Behind the Cover: Johnetta 'Netta' Elzie Talks #BlackGirlMagic, Activism and Motivation

Go behind the scenes of our special cover shoot with #BlackLivesMatter activist Johnetta 'Netta' Elzie as she opens up about the Black women that inspire her, being an activist and how her mother's death helped her push forward.