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[SOUND] Lip stick, how do you say lip stick? [FOREIGN] [FOREIGN] [FOREIGN] [FOREIGN] [FOREIGN] [FOREIGN] [LAUGH] [FOREIGN] is red. Mm-hm. And then [FOREIGN] is lip. So, [FOREIGN] is lipstick. [MUSIC] I would have to say. It's bold. I know what she's gonna say. I would do Mac Riri Woo. I knew you were gonna say that, I could've said that. That's a good one. It is. It looks good on everyone. It does. It's just so bold and powerful and it's always a statement. It's a statement, right. I dunno about brand, but I love a pink lip. Yeah. She's more of, like, the red and bolds, I'm more of like, soft pink. [INAUDIBLE] like that, I'm soft. Like, pink nude You have more color than me, but I love pink nudes. Pretty much everyday. Red. Red, and it's crazy because this is the first color that I tried on and I absolutely hated it. I remember I was at a MAC store and I put on some red lipstick, it was Ruby Woo or something like that. And I was like And I wiped it off real fast and somebody said that's really pretty. And I was like no way I'm never wearing red ever in life. And I think I put it on another day and I just went through the day. I was uncomfortable I went through the day with it on. And I got so many compliments on it so I'm like okay this might Is that bad and now you can't stop me from wearing red lipstick. Like that's my color. Okay so it'd be the lipstick that I am wearing right now. It's called French Kiss by Mac and it's like lip crayon, but it's also like a gloss too. I love it. I think a pinky nude. That's like the best description I can give. Like pinky nude. And browns. No, okay I'll switch it. I like brown, brown lipstick are actually my favorite. If I had to wear one lipstick shade for the rest of my life it would definitely be nude. So if I had to wear one lipstick for the rest of my life, it would be this one on my lips. It's the color pop liquid lip stain and the color tints [UNKNOWN] So bomb. I love it. I wear it every day. Purple. Deep purples. I have several. I have one by Urban Decay. I have some MAC ones. But I'm very much into purple lipstick. Yeah, I mean I like the red, it's okay. But, Purples. [SOUND] [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]

Our Favorite Beauty Bloggers Reveal the one Lipstick They Can't Live Without

We all have that one shade of lipstick that always makes us feel beautiful -- and gives us the confidence we need to take on that day. Whether it's a look-at-me red or pretty pale pink, lipstick has the power to transform. We caught up with a few of our favorite bloggers to find out what lippie they can't live without. Take a look!