Beauty All Access: Kick Up The Color

Looking to spice up your hairstyle for the summer? Here are 3 easy color options to try.

ESSENCE.COM Jul, 01, 2014
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In the latest issue of Essence Magazine, we're showing you how to get sizzling summer hair with pops of color. [MUSIC] So there's three things you can do. You can get permanent color, semi-permanent color, or play around with highlights and ombre. First, we'll start with permanent color. Permanent color is for the girl who likes more of a long-term change, and who is not afraid of really drastically changing her look for the long haul. If you're not looking for something that's gonna require such a major commitment. My advice is to go the semi permanent route which you can easily achieve with extensions, clip ins, or a semi permanent hair rinse. One of the fun new ways to achieve temporary hair color is by using hair chalk. It comes in a wide variety of shades, ranging from blonde to red and even some bolder hues. Like blue, green and purple. Another hair trend you're probably seeing a lot of this year is ombre. It starts with a little bit of the dark roots and goes into a lighter blond, brown or even a reddish color. Now while this can be achieved by just growing out your color that you already have. You can also do something really easy and really fun with an ombre look by adding in extensions. Another thing that I always recommend when it comes to chemically treating or coloring your own hair is to see a professional. Yes there are ways to do it at home but if you're unsure about any of the steps, make sure you head to the stylist and get it professionally done. Have fun. It's the summertime and a new look will look totally hot on you.