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Hi, I'm Eddie Jackson co-host of Kids Barbecue Championship on Food Network and these are my barbecue do's and dont's. Do bring your new boo to the cookout if you want her to get talked about. If they don't know that person they gonna talk about her. Lord, why she come out here with that on. Look at her. You know she's not looking. That's how family is. Do have people bring dishes of potluck, but only the people that you know can cook. Do not, under any circumstances get someone to bring potato salad when you know they cannot make potato salad. I have a very nice way to tell them not to do it. Don't bring that damn potato salad. [LAUGH] It is a definite DO NOT let your man man the grill if he's terrible. Why subject him to people talking behind his back? So go ahead and you know, "Hey baby, you know what? Let's do this together today. Let me help you be great." Do not get upset nor say anything when the pastor is blessing the food. My pastor literally blessed every plate, every person, every ingredient on the table. Dear heavenly father I want to thank you for each and every salt grain. These Fingers. Big mama, she slaved over this food. The grains that fed the chicken of this fried chicken that's on this table. I want to thank you for, Amen. [LAUGH]. I'm Eddie Jackson, co-host of Kids BBQ Championship on Food Network. And these were my BBQ do's and don'ts. So, let us know what your do's or don'ts are, and leave them down in the comments. [BLANK_AUDIO]

BBQ Do's and Don'ts with Food Network Star Eddie Jackson

Get your BBQ etiquette in order just in time for the summer with a little help from Food Network star Eddie Jackson.