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In 2012, Tupac's hologram made a dope and to some, kinda creepy, appearance at Coachella. Michael Jackson's hologram performed at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards. And now, it looks like Whitney Houston is up next to make her hologram debut. According to the estate of the late singer, her hologram will be on tour Tour, not just one appearance, on a tour, coming to a city near you. So is this a slay because these musicians are legends? And holograms are a way of paying tribute to them. It gives fans though not a real chance to connect with their beloved artists, but a chance to reconnect. Or is this a shade? Holograms go way too far. They're exploitive, creepy, and don't let the deceased truly rest in peace. All right. Slayed or Shade? One, two, three. All shade. Y'all are like all on the same page. Yeah. Bevy, I'll start with you. Okay, here's the thing. Get it. I don't even like a wax museum moment. [LAUGH] Okay. So much less a hologram cuz I think that's witchcraft and you know as black people, we don't deal in the witchcraft. [LAUGH] Not the [UNKNOWN]. Not the [UNKNOWN] We're like sorcery. We're like sorcery. So I'm just like I just really just think it goes too far and I think it's very It's a last grab for the cash kind of thing, from the estate. Do something classy like the Marilyn Monroe estate, and issue bottles of wine and perfume and appear in a Dior commercial, or something. You know what I mean? Right, right. But don't have them performing at concerts. Right. And in a tour. Melanie, how do you feel? I mean, you're a performer, you're a musician. How do you feel about this? Yeah. As an artist, as a musician, as a huge massive Whitney Houston fan, and just a lover of artists in general. My shade has been sitting up the entire time. [LAUGH] She's like [LAUGH] This has been my posture all day. [LAUGH] I have no support for a hologram. [LAUGH] I mean, the artistry of what live performers are and what they do, their legacy is to respect them. We all don't live forever. That's The way it goes. But our music does. And so I think exactly what you said. I feel like who ever is running that it's a last grab for cash. And it's just disrespectful I think to the art and the person who doesnt get a say in their likeness being used and sold. And how it's used. Yeah. And how it's used. Yes. Its not even, I mean come on the personal connection is the candid moments in the show, is the, you know the eye contact. And, you know, somebody controlling the eye contact, that's creepy on many levels. I'm shaded all the way here. That is kind of creepy. How can he see me? What's going on? [LAUGH] Yeah exactly. Cory? Well it's interesting. Charli Penn and I were talking outside. And she said she saw the Michael Jackson hologram in Vegas. And she said when she's in the room it is a great experience. But she said most people only see it once it's been photographed. And when you see it photographed it does look weird. But she said when you're in there it is sort of awesome. But I think Folks, when they leave this Earth, they leave this Earth. That's what we have their records for, that's what we have their musics for, have those moments there, like let them let rest in peace. Let rest in peace. I hate to go very basic about it but it's just like no, I don't wanna see them pretending to sign and all of that stuff. It's creepy. It is creepy. It is definitely creepy. Dave I have to ask you what are your thoughts on this? How do you feel about holograms? [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] I don't know, it'd be kind of ill to see the hologram of the guy who invented the blue blazer pouring that fire between copper and tin. There you go. [LAUGH] But I don't know. I wouldn't wanna see Michael Jackson as a hologram. I'd much rather have seen him alive. Yeah. I don't think I'd pay on tour. I think as technology is evolving, I think like that was their angle of it. And I think if you do go a memorabilia museum and it's one thing that you stop and see. And it's just something to be like, hey this is a cool way to see him recreated, or her created. But a tour? I'm not paying to see that. No. Especially if there's a technical difficulty. Then it could be stuck on me. [LAUGH] It could really Go awry. And also there's an old film that came out back in the like 70s called West World and they're making it into a series on HBO. And it's about like kind of like a amusement park where people are like old west people, and then they malfunction and they come and kill everybody. [CROSSTALK] Live that life, I'm not about that life. I don't do statistic. I'm all about

Are Holograms Becoming the Norm?

From Tupac to Michael Jackson, we've seen a rise in holograms used for our favorite celebrities whether they're deceased or even still with us. Our panel talks about the phenomenon and whether or not it's here to stay.