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We turn to the shady room's Angie who is joining us via Skype and has been following the story all along. Welcome, Angie, to Essence Live. Hello, everyone. I'm so happy to have you here because shade room is a personal favorite of mine. So this is like a total fan out moment for me. [LAUGH] Angie. Oh thank you so much, I love. Awesome! And you know Shade Room is known for breaking news by digging into celebrity posts and comments on Instagram. So from what you've seen, what do you think started this whole mess in the first place? Well, sources close to Future say that the mess started because Sierra wouldn't let him Him see his child on Christmas. So that's his side of the story. Ciara says that, her sources close to Ciara had told E-news that the reason the beef started was because he told her he hoped she failed at everything she does in life. What? And he won't have a healthy relationship with her moving forward as a co-parent. So I would say it seems like Sierra's a little doing things outside of what he would want her to do. She's having a new man. Mm hm. She's shining. And I think he can't handle that, because the rest of his baby mothers, I think he has them under his Thumb and he's just not used to, you know, having a woman that just, you know, doesn't need him and [INAUDIBLE] That's winning. So, I would say that in my opinion that's what's going on. And you would think it would be the other way around because if Ciara wins then baby future wins. But TMZ also reported that future was upset that baby future couldn't spend Christmas with him and his other kids. So what are you reading or hearing from the mothers of future's other children? Or are they not saying anything at all. Well they're not really saying that much, but right now I know he's in Europe with one of his Baby mother's Brittany, so they're still talking and he's still dabbling in and out of relationships with the rest of his baby mothers, so I think that they're pretty fine with everything, they're pretty easy-going with him, but I think Sierra, she has a new man, she wants a healthy lifestyle for her child, so You know, it's just, she's not doing what he wants. I think it's about control. Mm. I think it's about control. Yes. That's an interesting point. And it doesn't seem healthy because he called her the B-word Yeah! In front of millions of people, so, I think it's It was really about control. Now. Definitely. Angie, one of our viewers mentioned future publicizing his business on Twitter. Mm-hm. So, why do you think celebrities don't just call each other? I mean pick up the phone, have your P.R. person call their P.R. person, if you will, if they have beef? I mean, why put it so in front of everyone? Well, first thing I will say is that they mentioned they haven't spoken with each other in over a year and that they're using a liaison to speak to each other. So I think that they're not actually talking which is why he takes his business to social media. I think that social media is so easy to just send a tweet when you're angry. It's so easy to just blast somebody when you're angry and I think that's why Why he's taking it to social media, and why these celebrities don't handle things on the phone. Mm. This is bad communication. It's bad. Just, I mean, come on, Twitter. But meanwhile Ciara has kept it cute and classy by not really responding to him, so are you hearing anything from her camp? Well, her camp, they spoke to E News and they said that he told her that He [UNKNOWN] felt that everything. And that he's kind of jealous and controlling when it comes to the relationship, as co-parents. So I think that's definitely the issue with that. She's with Russel. [LAUGH] You know what I mean? He's fine. Everybody loves him. He's amazing. And he's being around the child. And I think future is just That's making for dramatic, angry about it, and that's probably what's leading to this. Girl future's sounding like a bitter Becky right now okay [LAUGH]. [LAUGH]. Just a little bit, a little bit. [SOUND]

Angie of 'The Shade Room' Spills the Tea on Ciara and Future's Feud

Future has blasted Ciara on Twitter once again and Angie, founder of everyone favorite celeb gossip site, The Shade Room has some insight on the drama.