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[MUSIC] Your relationship receives a lot of backlash because you're in a interracial relationship. Were you expecting that in this day and age or how did you feel I guess opening up that side of yourself to criticism if you will. Yeah, at that time filming the show, you know, that's what was a part of my life and I just feel like you have to live your life and be happy. You know, it's crazy that in 2015 You know, people are still so judgemental with Right. dating outside your race. But at the end of the day I was raised to just love people for who they are, everybody's human. Mm-hm. I think that's the common goal, that's where we want to go in the future. Everybody is one, everybody is human. We all look the same, we take the skin off. Mm-hm. So for me it was a surprise but at the end of the day, that's life. You can't please everybody, and that's why we're doing this show because we want to make a difference. We wanna change the world one day. We wanna whatever some kids are going through out there, we wanna put a spotlight on that and. Maybe they could have that conversation. Yes. And Angela, you know we have to ask about your love life. Who are you dating? Let's going off this [UNKNOWN] DM situation? [LAUGH] Well, I'm not Dating [UNKNOWN], I'm single right now. I'm really focused on my career, and when it happens it happens. Look at that picture. [LAUGH] Will you be quiet? You're totally the instigator. He totally came to my event [UNKNOWN] event for my full fur ad and I had a toy drive. And my partner, Sanya Richards-Ross and I, we actually had this whole event and he showed up gave me some flowers and nice guy, totally flattered by everything, but I am single. At this time. I am single.

Angela Simmons Dishes on Her Fabulous Single Life, Romeo Miller Talks Interracial Dating Backlash

Angela Simmons reveals whether or not she's single and Romeo Miller opens up about being criticized for his interracial relationship.