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[MUSIC] But how did you know he was the one? Because we were friends first. And I think when you don't ever expect you'll end up with somebody, you don't care about how you come across. And being your real self I was so goofy like no make up We were working on a few work projects together, and I literally would just be myself. I think, if I knew I liked him, if I liked him then, I probably wouldn't have been genuinely myself. I would have been like, what am I gonna Where, how am I gonna look? I did not care, I walked in there and was like [SOUND]. We watched them I'm like that Vicky's ugly I was saying crazy stuff that might make you go, she's alive. And I love that we love each other for who we genuinely are.

How Adrienne Bailon Knew Fiancé Israel Houghton Was Really 'The One'

The Real co-host shares the moment that the romance clicked between her and fiancé.