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[MUSIC] All right, so first up, @thecubiclechick, where can I get my #freelucious t-shirt #empire #empirefox? Now, I know that's the next big thing you're gonna see everybody on the train with. Number 2, @Dreman1731. The number of cameos is too damn high!! #EmpireSeason2. Once [UNKNOWN] I knew it was over. Number three, @thelimericklane. Lucious got facetime in prison too, word, #empire. Number four, @satcaddict, soooooo I guess you can just kill ppl openly in jail with no guards around. It happens all the time, you should watch Locked Up Raw. Number five, @MSELISEH, Jamal is going down because you don't disrespect Cookie, your mom and constant cheerleader. #EMPIRESEASON2. I was waiting for somebody to say that. Okay. [INAUDIBLE] I was waiting for somebody. But he took both of those slaps like a G. Okay. He did. [MUSIC]

The 5 Best Tweets From the Premiere of 'Empire'

We're recaping the season premiere of Empire with the 5 best tweets of the night.