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Nicole, we love having you here and seeing you here. I was like, oh my God, sleepy hollow. Thank you. I'm so excited to be here. This is my second round. I think I went, like five years ago. I was at Essence fest five years ago and I've just been working so. I'm excited to see Prince. Someone you love? Prince. Erykah Badu. Jill Scott and the Roots. You gonna be in there jammin' with us? Well, that's what we're doin' now. You know? You just tore me away from my breakdancin' From your jammin' Exactly. I'm sorry. I tore you away because I wanted to know three things about you that we don't know. Three fun things. Hi. Are you a late packer or are you an organized kind of girl like do you pack like a week before you come here? Or did you pack like yesterday? I pack in increments to be totally honest, it's like I get an outline, I know that there are two outfits that I want, you know like you got two items and everything else just kind of gets thrown in at the last minute. But if I'm telling the truth, I'll get like one item, I'm like I have to wear that skirt on Tuesday, but everything else just kind of gets thrown in. No. Everything about me is just kind of thrown together as you can tell, but I love life and I'm very passionate. So you know, [INAUDIBLE] Thank you! You definitely take time to pack. I don't actually, I pack the night before. I find that really hard, but you also probably have like an immaculate closet. No. I don't. Okay, this is about you. I'm not famous. Lies. You're famous. Oh, you are famous. I know your face. [LAUGH]. You know Nicole this event is so much about flats or heels. Are you flats or heels kind of girl because here it's like I'm a flats girl but I see a lot of girls with heels up in here. Okay. I have on heels. I'm short. Skirt. You have a blouse? Oh, see I'm really short. I have on heels, but I believe in comfy heels. You see, they're like cork. Oh, OK. They're like high heel Birkenstocks basically. I just believe if you're gonna be at a music festival and walking you should be comfortable but, you know, always show off your assets so if you're legs look longer. You know, do it. Do it. So your show, Sleepy Hollow, is, like, something that some people are binge watching. Or like, it's huge right now. I wanna know, what is the show that you're obsessed with, at the moment. Okay. There's a show, I don't even know if I should say this, but. There's a show, in London, on BBC, called Luther. [UNKNOWN] Is such a good show, like is not a joke. I watch it all the time. I've actually gone back and seen the first season twice. Then, I'm watching Orange is the new Black, because all my girls are on that show, Danielle, Samira, Uso everybody. It's an amazing show. And all my like, New York sisters, we all used to do readings together in the theater, and now we are on like, on national shows. So is kind of It's kind of a big deal, because I have to follow their work. And they're doing really amazing work. Yeah. And it's the last season of True Blood, too, so I like that kind of stuff. Alright. Yeah. We love having you here. Thank you for having me. Enjoy yourself. Thank you.

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