3 Things You Didn't Know About Naturi Naughton

The Power star talks about packing for ESSENCE Festival, double dutch, dental hygiene and more.

ESSENCE.COM Jul, 25, 2014
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[MUSIC] Hey, Naturi. Hey. So we're out here tonight. Prince. 30th anniversary of Purple Rain, so it's gonna be a major night. It's gonna be amazing. I can already feel the energy. Prince actually just came out for Janelle Monáe's performance and turned it out on the guitar. He's amazing. He's like, the real deal and I feel honored just to be here. Nice. So, as I was telling you, three things we didn't know about you. Something silly like, Notori, are you an organized packer or did you pack at the last minute to come to Essence Festival? Okay. So I'm an over-packer, and I, I am organized, but I definitely always wind up, like, over-packing my suitcase. So, on my way here, I couldn't decide all the things I wanted to wear, so I tried to bring everything. And I probably will only need one or two things. That's, that's my world. I'm an overpacker. I love it. You know, your show, Power, is getting so much buzz right now. But I wanna know, what show are you watching like all the time right now? Ugh, well thank you. I'm so excited about Power and the fans are enjoying it. I think a show that I love, and that I watch Orange is the New Black. House of Cards and also Parenthood on NBC which I love and of course Scandal on ABC that I, I'm obsessed with 'cuz I think Kerry Washington's been an inspiration to me. So those are some of the shows I'm, I'm watching or fiending for to come back around so. I know you don't really have time to watch them. Are you like a on demand kind of girl? No, I do watch them maybe not live, but I TiVo or DVR everything so I definitely am an on demand type girl, but I try to catch things live because I know how important it is to give the show a rating, you know, ratings, and I try, cuz for my show I know how, you know, big that is. But I definitely watch everything. If I can't catch it live, I watch it on demand. Yeah, yeah. Can you think of one thing that you do that you'd be like, oh my God if my fans knew I did this? [LAUGH] Let's see, one thing that I do, or I mean there's like certain skills that I have. People don't know I jump double dutch and I'm actually like really good. Like, it's a little corny but I'm trying to think, something like, I guess, something bashful that I do. I I don't know. Oh, I, I pick my teeth a lot. Like, I would have to bring floss out. Oh, my God, you're like me. I'm obsessed. I'm obsessed. See, you know what I'm talking about. I can't, like if I eat, having, like, I have floss in my little mini purse, because I can't focus, and I'll be somewhere and whip out my floss. Go to the bathroom and floss, because it's like. My fans probably don't know, I floss obsessively. I have floss at the office, in my bag, in the car. You have to, it's life. I love it. Well thank you so much, we love having you here. I'm glad to be here, I love Essence, and I'm just excited to celebrate the night and these amazing artists and good music.