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Countdown to the 20th anniversary of the Essence Festival July 4th weekend in New Orleans. Number 4. Well, working Essence Festival 2007, you got to say that there's been a lot of amazing moments. I mean, seeing the crowd at our first ever Family Reunion Day, the mass of people at the convention center Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but I think the one moment that really continues to hold with me is my second festival, 2008, tired as anyone could ever be, stumbling into the Superdome, thinking how am I gonna make it through the rest of the night. And there's the whole crowd of people, the Superdome filled with 50,000 people singing Mary J Blige, Fine, Just Fine. And I was like this is why I do it, this is why I'm here. So, thank you Essence Festivals, for giving me such amazing moments. And I'll see you in New Orleans so we can make even more. Buy your ticket and come back tomorrow as we continue to count down the 2014 Essence Festival Live in New Orleans July 4th weekend.

2014 ESS Fest Countdown #4 - Fred Jackson

Promotions director Fred Jackson says Mary J. Blige made all of his sleepless nights at the 2009 Essence Fest worth it.