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Countdown to the 20th anniversary of the Essence festival July 4th weekend in New Orleans. Number 19. My favorite memory of the festival is I,I put on a play here for the Essence festival a few years ago and I was able to bring my mother-in-law and my wife with me. And we hit Beignets, we went to the spot at 2 a.m., and we were eating Beignets for like an hour, and I just remember that, cuz who goes out anywhere else, when your out in the country, at 2 a.m., your in the bed. At the Essence festival, your like, where's the Beignet spot? So it's, it's it's it's all night, all day, and all good. Buy your ticket then come back tomorrow as we continue to count down the 2014 Essence festival live. New Orleans July 4th weekend.

2014 ESS Fest Countdown #19 - David Talbert

Playwright David Talbert dishes on his after-hours ESSENCE Fest food escapades.