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Countdown to the 20th anniversary, of the Essence festival, July 4th weekend in New Orleans. [MUSIC] Number 15. One time, Beyoncé, was performing and I was, I happened to be backstage. [LAUGH] I might get in trouble for this. I happened to be backstage and Beyoncé's dad came up to me because Beyoncé needed to go somewhere. This, obviously, this is way back in the day. I remember Beyoncé's dad kind of came up to me and he was like yo, man. We're really trying to get out of here because we know like, you're supposed to go on after us, that just gives you an idea of how long ago this was, Erick [UNKNOWN] going after. So can, can, can like, can the girls go on first man? And then, you know, we've really got this other thing we gotta get to. And I was like cool, sure, sure man that's cool, that's cool. He was like, look Beyoncé, she's probably going to do, a solo record, unless you get a song on that record. [LAUGH] That didn't happen. I'm, I'm, still hitting you up for that dang Beyoncé song. Buy your ticket, and come back tomorrow as we continue to count down, to 2014 Essence Festival live, at New Orleans July 4th weekend. [MUSIC]

2014 ESS Fest Countdown #15 - Eric Benet

The singer dishes about his ESSENCE Fest backstage run-in with Queen Bey, before she was Queen Bey.