Impress Mom! 15 Family-Style Recipes She'll Love

From brunch to dinner, these family-style recipes are guaranteed to put a smile on your mom's face.

Amber McKynzie May, 06, 2016

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Food & Wine says Chef Jonathon Sawyer's wife created this dish. It’s a blend of Roman-style gnocchi and tangy tomato sauce that will make your taste buds explode, and unlike some gnocchi dishes, it doesn’t take a day in the kitchen to create.

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Who doesn’t love a good chicken dish with a side of bread and something green on your plate to make mom happy? Thanks to Food & Wine, you can make sure your mom doesn't miss out this Mother's Day.

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No holiday meal is complete without the perfect pork chop on the table. My Recipes' Tuscan Pork Chops offers a spin on the traditional recipe that families have devoured for years.

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One dessert at the dinner table is never enough. And with Averie Cooks' easy Crème Brulee recipe, you might even have time to make one more!

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Fresh blackberries coupled with five additional ingredients will create a sweet dessert good enough for mom to eat – and you, if there are any leftovers. Check out My Recipes for the recipe.

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This Breakfast Sausage-Egg Pizza is a non-traditional brunch recipe made with all your breakfast favorites. While dinner’s preparing on the slow cooker, chow down on this My Recipes meal that could be your breakfast and lunch and snack in between.

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Mother’s Day isn’t complete without a filling, crumbled pastry from Food & Wine joining the family dinner table. These muffins are quick to create and even easier to devour.

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My Recipes brings you a homemade pastry crust mixed with whole chicken and mouth-watering seasonings is more than just a comfort food this holiday – it’s a bubbling and flavorful meal bringing families together at the dinner table.

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With a little Life, Love and Sugar, you can mix a little bubbly, some Vanilla extract and classic cupcake batter to give mom just what mom needs to sit back, relax and enjoy a day that’s all about her.

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Created with fresh fruit and topped off with a dust of powered sugar, My Receipes' Fruitini will get your Mother’s Day going and let the family know it’s refreshing taste is only the beginning of what’s to come.

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These croissants may be high in fat, but what bread isn’t? But don’t worry, the butter used to bake this flakey goodness makes all the difference. Just make sure to get started on this dish early. The total cooking time on this Food & Wine recipe isn’t quick.

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This Food & Wine family-style recipe may be a spin on classic dish, but it’s the perfect mix of spicy tang and crunch ready to add to this “celebratory” meal.

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As an alternative to traditional pasta dishes, Food & Wine gives this quick dish is filled with flavor for the entire family to love.

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Let the Spicy Southern Kitchen help you bring the taste of New Orleans (and Kim K’s favorite deep fried food) home to your mom to let her know just how special she truly is.

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Buttery garlic flavor accented with a refreshing lime taste and cheese coating is the perfect excuse to let your mom know you’re still making sure to eat your vegetables! If she asks who influenced you to down your veggies, tell her the Food Network made you do it!