13 Out Of This World Burger Recipes

Go beyond your traditional hamburger and check out these savory sandwiches.

Amber McKynzie May, 11, 2016

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Spice things up with My Recipes' Southwest-style burger.

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Try My Recipes' blend of russet potatoes and lamb for a perfect burger.

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Enjoy this Food & Wine take on a Shake Shack signature burger.

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Try My Recipes' pineapple and pork blend on a bun.

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Stemming from Adam Fleischman's Los Angeles chain, Food & Wine brings you an savory Asian-flavored burger. 

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Food & Wine enlists Chef Roy Choi's double cheeseburger recipe covered in mayo and fresh shiso leaves. 

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Indulge in My Recipes' chipotle aioli-cover Lucques Pork Burger.

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My Recipes' mixes sharp cheddar cheese and garlic to create this succulent chicken burger.

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Enjoy My Recipes' succulent crabcake recipe on a bun.

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Forget stuffed-crust pizza, try this Food & Wine stuffed-cheese burger. 

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Turn a traditional nacho dish into the perfect burger with this meaty Food & Wine recipe.

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Try My Recipes' succulent veggie patty surrounded by lettuce, tomatoes and homemade hummus. 

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Take a bite out of My Recipes' Dijon mustard and soy sauce-infused.