The 10 Best Vegan Recipes Ever

Creamy chocolate avocado pudding anyone? Indulge in these health-conscious meals we love.

Amber McKynzie Jun, 22, 2016

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Take it back to your childhood, and savor in this healthy Jessica in the Kitchen cup of chocolate pudding.

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Jessica in the Kitchen helps you create a delicious pasta dinner with all the flavor and none of the carbs!

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Let My Recipes help you mix potato dumplings and spinach together for a little pasta delight.

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Enjoy a plate of loaded breakfast nachos complete with scrambled tofu and roasted potatoes, compliments of the Post Punk Kitchen.

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Combine barley, lentils and vegetables for tasty treat with no regrets. Thank My Recipes for the idea. 

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Take a bite out of My Recipes' vegan style Mexican favorite.

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Blend three exotic flavors together for Jessica in the Kitchen's scrumptious smoothie bowl. 

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Get ready to rethink everything you thought you knew about chicken and waffles with the Post Punk Kitchen's seitan and waffles recipe.

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Forget the milk, these Minimalist Baker mashed potatoes are all about the seasoning and good pot of plain hot water.

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Change your habits and start Running on Real Food with this mashed cauliflower mix.