10 Amazing Salad Recipes You'll Love

Learn 10 new ways to liven up a boring salad, and turn healthy eating into something fun.

Amber McKynzie Jun, 27, 2016

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A little creamy poppy seed dressing will make this harvest cobb salad taste Damn Delicious!

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Have a bite of something healthy and delicious! Then, don't forget to thank Damn Delicious for the idea.

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Enjoy the islands any time of year with Well Plated's Caribbean chicken salad recipe.

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With a few simple ingredients like corn, black beans and Monterey jack cheese, you can indulge in this BBQ chicken salad, courtesy of Damn Delicious!

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Devour this too-good-for-you All Recipes salad filled with all the greens you need.

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Keep things simple with this Damn Delicious Asian-style cobb salad. And get an extra blast of flavor by adding a few drizzles of sesame vinaigrette. 

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Try Well Plated's rejuvenating strawberry salad topped off with feta and avocado.

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Be adventurous, and mix a cup of OJ in with All Recipes' persimmon and pomegranate salad. 

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Reinvent taco Tuesdays with My Recipes easy-to-make taco salad.

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Grilled chicken, raspberries, peaches. According to Well Plated, salads can't get any better than this!