[BLANK_AUDIO] Can putting yoghurt on your vagina really cure a yeast infection? [LAUGH] Dr. Jay. OMG. Leave everything out of the vagina ladies! Yes. My God. My God. I think they meant eating it. No, that's not what they meant. They meant inserting it. In the vagina. So a lot of ladies will dip Like a tampon in yogurt. Like greek yogurt. And like shove it in there as much as they can. Right? Don't do that. Don't do that, ladies. So you could go oral probiotics to help you prevent yeast infections, but I like this remedy. Garlic. Garlic clove. You can put a garlic clove in the vagina at night for three days and it actually will kill yeast. [MUSIC] Okay. I mean [LAUGH]. I was like what did that smell like for other activities? [SOUND] [LAUGH] Your vagina does not want nor does it need yogurt. Don't feed your vagina yogurt just don't. Yeast infections can be very painful though. You can get cottage cheese discharge, redness. Burning down there. So if the garlic doesn't take care of it, go to the store and get like a monistat or something like that. And if that doesn't take care of it, go see your OB-GYN because you may have something else like an STD. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Apr, 07, 2017

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