Would you Pay More to Exit a Plane Before Everyone Else?

A recent survey asked travelers if they'd pay more money to exit a plane before the rest of the passengers. See if our panel is on board with the idea or throwing shade. 

ESSENCE.COM Jul, 31, 2015
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[MUSIC] Most people love traveling on planes. Sometimes it can be a little uncomfortable. The seats, long wait, bad food, all you wanna do is, once you land, is just get off the doggone plane and then leave the airport. In a recent survey from Flight View, the question was asked. Would you pay more to get off a plane before everyone else? So this is slade because anything to make flights more tolerable is worth the money or is this a shade because another unessasary fee for something else while flying. Don't airlines make enough money? I have to pay for water on some of my flights I'm just saying. All right. So, on the count of three, is this a slayed or a shade? One, two, three. Ooh, I like how y'all look in the direction. Shade, shade, shade, all around. Eve, I'm gonna start with you. It's shady because I'm already in first class, so why am I paying more to get off? I'm already in the first seat, and what I wanna know is, are you now deciding that the people that made more that are in the twelfth seat get to now go in front of me? What are we saying? Right. What's happening? Good point. Are we saying, sit in your See? Until they get off and then what are we saying? I'm trying to figure out if I'm by the window do I have to jump over the lady in the middle? Right. Cause getting over legs is hard. And it's so much easier for her to get out first anyway. So I'm not really understanding that. I understand that. I mean, if I'm gonna pay for something extra on a plane, I'm gonna pay to sit in the section where there's no newborn babies on a red eye. That's what I want to pay. pay extra for because- So choose what you're paying extra for. I want to choose, like if I have the option to pay extra, it should be multiple choice. It shouldn't be like, if there was a red eye flight and there's a reading section, like if you want to be the one person with a light at 3am, 12am, you need to Need to be over there, in this, you know what I mean? In the like, awake library section. Exiting first, to me, is unnecessary. It's unnecessary. It just seems really frivolous and not something that I would wanna pay extra for. You're already charging me to carry bags, to carry my clothes while I travel. So, why would I pay to get off? Well, you see what happen. Did you see what happened when they tried to make those people pay for To the bathroom, Right. Mm-hm. you try to do that. I think, For the bathroom? Yeah. What? You had to pay for the bathroom on the plane. Mm-hm. So it didn't work out obviously. Mm-hm. Mm-hm. But, you know, I'd give American Airlines a lot of my money And they better not come to me saying that somebody else is paying more money to get off first. Exactly. I think, it's just, if you're in the front, just go with the flow. And move with the focus. Or do what Southwest does in Burbank, and deplane from the front and the back. I love that. Now, there you're- It makes it a lot more seamless.