Fashion Editor Celia Smith tells you how to suit up your shape for work.[MUSIC] Suits and sneakers were a fashion fopa, now they're not. Oversized blazers were a big no no, now they are hot. Can't keep up, we're talking about the work wardrobe. Just because the office walls are beige doesn't mean you have to be. Have a little fun, color outside of the line. I personally love a good navy and black... I love this mini dress by Misguided. It's a great alternative to the [UNKNOWN]. Remember when it was a crime to mix those two colors? Like mixing silver and gold? But now, it's hot this season. A good work appropriate dress style is never too tight, but still tailored. And, if you wanna cover up, a sharp blazer is always your best bet. For my full figured ladies just say no to work wear that s busting out the seems. Tailoring is essential for picking out the proper work wear and worth every penny of investment. Ladies dont battle with the button downs, go for a blouse that's more blusant style like a pussybow blouse or one that has stretch. If you've got a little more on the bottom, then on the top, show them whose boss with the perfect power pant, as I like to call them. This could be a wide leg or narrow leg, whichever you choose, but make sure the fit and the length tailor to your shape and your waist. Hourglass. You can seriously put the power into the right power suit. Did you see Kim Kardashian in that white version? Or Lala Anthony in that red? To die for. See that wasn't so bad, was it? Now on a manic Monday, you can go shop our fashion closet, and work it in your work wear.
Aug, 18, 2014

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