[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] I Am Not Your Negro. It's a new film, but it's a documentary film. It's worth seeing, and it's extremely well done. Secondly, I would probably say, maybe Do The Right Thing? I think Do The Right Thing is a good one. You know, it shows some accurate racial tension unlike any other movie, and it's not gangster. And then Paid In Full, I'mma say Paid In Full there cuz you gotta see some of me in it, so [LAUGH]. Dude, the second album need to be bigger than the first album. Otherwise you're gonna look like a fool. I think should watch The Breaks now to experience the journey of the characters that are involved and also to go back in time a little bit to the roots of some of the of the Hip Hop that's around now. It stemmed out of. That era then. But importantly, I think the, it's a character driven show. The series goes more in depth and I think that people will be captivated by it. Mainly by that and the music of course. The music, we'll premiere doing the music. It really takes us back.

Apr, 14, 2017

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