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[MUSIC] Welcome to Our Vote Counts, a very special edition of Essence Live. I'm your host, Dana Blair. In a stunning upset, Donald Trump has been named the next president of the United States. Although most polls gave Hilary Clinton an easy victory, Trump scored with 280 non-electoral votes. Sweeping key swing states like Pennsylvania and Ohio, and if you're still in shock about that news, you're definitely not alone. @asteawh tweeted, I like facts. So here's some. If yo'ure nonwhite, Jewish, or a woman who doesn't like to be grabbed by her genitals, you might be screwed. Rapper Talib Kweli said, I was wrong. I thought America couldn't possibly disappoint me more than it already had. But I was wrong. RIP America. @RASHADDRAKEFORD tweeted, 8 years ago, people cried tears of joy at the election of the first black president. Today more than half our nation voted for a man endorsed by the KKK. Some pretty profound words there. Right now I'd like to welcome to the show conservative strategist Dr. Christopher Metzler and Hello an activist, excuse me, activist strategist and co-founder of Higher Heights, Kimberly Allan Peeler. And former Ohio State Senator, Mia Turner who joins us via Skype. Hello everyone. Thank you so much for joining us. As I just read a lot people woke up today disheartened and frustrated at the thought of a Trump presidency. What would you all say to them? Doctor Batswail I'll start with you. Well I would say let's not Be as disappointed. And I don't, I think a lot of the despair is actually misplaced because in this, from this day forward I think what you're going to see is a Trump who has to heal a highly Divided nation. So now he has like a lot on his hands, if you will. Yeah he does. He does. Kimberly, your thoughts. I think this is a clear case and point of politics and civic participation does not begin and end on election day. It is now incumbent on us the people to Hold our elected officials accountable. The ones that endorsed, whether you agree with them or not, if you supported Mister Trump, make sure that he goes through with what you want him to. If you didn't support him, hold his feet to the fire and say, you represent us as well. So it is now incumbent on the people to really make sure that the government works for that. Now is our time to really stand up. Nina, I wanna bring you conversation. Trump won in your home state of Ohio and many other swing states like Florida, Iowa and North Carolina. What do you think what the deciding factors for his victories in those states? Many those Rust Belt states like my state, like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania where people have been frightened out for a very long time because a loss of jobs has been missed a job. Had a very populist message that really resonated in states like mine and you saw that bare itself out last night. There does have to be a coming together because we really do have to come to grips as a nation that we collectively nominated two of the most unfavorable candidates in the history of this country. So no matter what. The outcome was going to be the nation does have to come together and start to heal, and think about what kind of nation we want to be. And I do agree with Kimberly and with what the doctor said. There's gonna have to be a lot of healing. Definitely. And Dr. Metzler. I introduced you as a conservative strategist but you're not a Trump supporter. So what do you feel this means for Republicans? I think for Republicans, this is the opportunity for the party, to come together. I think this is the opportunity for Republicans to actually show, what we can do to To the nation as a whole. I also think it's the opportunity for republicans to really look internally and to understand that when you have all three branches of government. What that means is that you have the ability and the obligation to govern accordingly. The meaningful field that the Republican party, they're not even connected to what's happening to black and brown folks or the parts of our community that do not look like, the part of our society that do not look like them. How do you, do you have a recommendation on how we can actually connect? [MUSIC] So everybody feels like they're being heard now that they have all of the control. Yeah. Well, I think there are a number of ways to connect to the folks who feel like they're not being heard. Mm-hm. Number one, I think it is actively being involved. Because as you indicated. Election day is not the time, and the election aftermath is not the time Right. Little late. It's a little too late to talk about really being involved and civic participation. Because I think what you saw last night Was the repudiation of the entire democratic agenda and I think unless you have that kind of capacity building, you're done. You're done. And because what you heard people say loud and clear last night was, we want change. Right. And we want all of you all out of here. Mm-hm. And that's exactly what occurred. Mm-hm, mm-hm, Nina, you initially supported Hillary and then switched over to Bernie Sanders. Do you think if Sanders was the Democratic nominee, the outcome of the election would be the same? No, I think Senator Bernie Sanders would've won this race. It was very that this was a disruption election. This was an election environment, both on the left and the right, for outsiders. Senator Bernie Sanders certainly being the longest serving independent democratic and democratic socialist by extension was certainly the outsider candidate. Did not have the establishment on his side whatsoever and then by contrast on the right we have President Elect Trump now who is certainly the outside who did not have the establishment on his side either. So this was an election year. Where I think both of the establishment died, failed to hear the cries of the people and that led to the rise, if you will, of Mr. Donald Trump who is now the president elect. I believe that my party has an opportunity to see some promise in his problem but we can not Maintain majorities if we don't deal with the new American electorate. And that is progressive whites, and people of color, are the majority of the voters in this country, but we have to come together. We cannot leave out our blue collar white sisters and brothers, and they have felt very left behind by my party, which is very unfortunate. And Kimberly so the whole time through the primaries and of course throughout the debates we'd hear, we're gonna build a wall. We're gonna deport Muslims. We're gonna do XYZ and make America great again with the strategy that not many people know what that exactly means. What are your thoughts on that, that now that Trump's in office these ideas might become real? Well, I think one of the things that gives me some hope and something that I can deal with, or stomach It's the fact that we do have three branches of Government. And though the Republican Party could potentially hold all three with the expected appointments to Supreme Court. As we have seen in past Congresses when the Democrats have had all three branches, you know not everything got moved forward because there are factions within the parties. The senate split is still very tight, and so we have checks and balances for a reason. So not everything will happen. We'll see what does get through. [LAUGH] But I have faith in the democracy that our founding fathers setup that Ultimately we will get through this. Mm-hm. We got a long four years ahead of us. I wanna hear from each and everyone of you, so starting with you Dr. Metzler, Electoral College, is it working or not? Because Hillary was winning in the popular vote but lost at the electoral college. Yeah I think the electoral college is in fact working, so here's the thing that I think we're missing. What Trump was able to do was to hear and act upon the anger that there is. This anger started with the Tea Party and he was able to listen to that to articulate that and to move that into action. Mm-hm. So that's the reason. He essentially blew up. Mm-hm. The college. Mm-hm. And said, no, no, no, I'm not going with that. I'm gonna make my own college. Mm-hm. He put together this coalition, and I think I heard what Nina said earlier about the whole idea of The coalitions. Here's the problem, the coalitions don't work together. That coalitions are all out for their own interest. So until that stops we will have divide and conquer. Thank you all Soo much our panels we are running out of time on this segment, I can speak with you forever. Thank you all for your time and for coming here to ESSENCE LIVE. That is [UNKNOWN] My pleasure. Miss [UNKNOWN] I got it right. [LAUGH] As well as Mr [UNKNOWN] on Skype up there.don't go anywhere, coming up, we speak with one of the leaders of Black Lives, madam [UNKNOWN] but first if you are feeling down today remember we have only two months left. Of the Obama, so here's Essence staffers reminiscing where they were when they first heard the words, President Obama. [MUSIC] The energy was electric. We were just pinching ourselves left and right. I can remember that night when the votes were finally tallied, and the announcement was made crying with my mom and our In our living room. His campaign at the time was change, and for me that was something really really big, just to be in that atmosphere and to be watching history. [MUSIC] When President Obama was elected for the first time, I was actually working in Washington DC, and I lived just outside of DC. I was in DC for the campaign, so I watched it with a lot of other campaign Members. I was at home in the living room with family and when the decision finally came down we just jumped up and hugged each other. And it was the first time for me that I really felt like I belonged in this country. It was the first time I had voted for a president And I got to vote for the first black president of the United States, which is Nuts. To see my father moved to tears, and my mother moved to tears, I knew what a special moment it was. I called my grandmother, who was at the time in her 70s, as a young child she picked cotton. I don't think that they ever thought In their lives they would ever see a black president, a black family in the White House. So it was really special for me to share that particular moment with them. It was just a really amazing experience just to see how far we've come. It meant that black people mattered. I felt really empowered. You know, this was definitely a monumental moment for a lot of us. Just to see a black president in office meant a Alive. For me it meant that my vote really counted and it stood for something. And it was just a really proud moment to be a black person in general. Can he stay for one more term, please? I'm gonna miss him so much, and Michelle, and the babies, and all of them. But I'm so proud that I was able to live through An incredible eight year run. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] You're watching Essence Live's Our Vote Counts. I'm your host, Dana Blair. Donald Trump. A man whose rental estate company was found by the justice department. To have discriminated against black people. And who still hasn't walked back his comments against the Central Park Five. And was hesitant to disobey endorsement he received from white nationalist is now the president of the United States. So, what do we as black people do now? Keep leaving your comments using hashtag sslive and we'll shut you out on the show but. But right now, we welcome via Skype a woman at the forefront of the Black Lives Matter movement, Ms. [UNKNOWN]. Hello, how are you? Good, how are you doing? I'm well. Thank you so much for joining us again here at Essence Live. I just wanna go ahead and jump right into it. How does a Trump presidency affect what you do? [MUSIC] Woo, I think I am using today to figure out exactly what the answer to that question is. It's been lots of questions today, lots of time to process what this even means. I think it makes the work even more important, And also a little more dangerous. So I'm trying to come to grips with that. Do you think that the Democratic party took for granted the black vote as well as the female vote? I absolutely do. I think that there were plenty of opportunities Where young black millennial specifically told the democratic party this is what we need, this is what we want, these are our issues. And those things were ignored or put on the back burner and I think that's one part of why we're here where we are today. So it's the morning after and we now have a new 45th president that's been declared and the Black Lives Matter movement has faced criticism for not having clear demands from government What do you say to that? And what do you now want Trump to do? [MUSIC] It's unbelievable, I honestly have no set thing for President Trump right now, because he literally is a candidate that has not engaged The young black voters movement, protestors. None of us. Literally not one thing. Not one piece of policy. The only thing that Trump offers for black people is. You know, he assumes we all live in the inner-cities. Right. So, it's truly at ground zero. LIke there is I don't even know where to start. If Trump were to reach out to you and ask for advice, would you work with him? No. You would not work with him? So if you wouldn't work with him, then how do we expect things to get moving? Because we have to work with some of the powers that be. Or what is the plan B if we don't work with him? So me saying personally that I would not work with Donald Trump is me speaking for me. The movement is not a model there are thousands of individuals in this movement, and there might be some young black people who are in places of leadership who would work with Donald Trump. My, myself personally I will not So then how do we move the ball forward? It's the morning after. What are our next steps? How do we move the ball forward? And what specific legislation do we want to see now in place, now that he's in office? I honestly do not have a coherent answer. I just I feel like I'm just in a state of shock, really. That America did this to itself. That this happened the way that a lot of my friends believed that this would happen. So, again I really don't even have an answer. Do you have any advice for young millenials out there who are now feeling maybe a little defeated and who are in shock just like some of the rest of us. On how they can affect change in their cities and districts. I do believe that local elections matter, I voted yesterday, specifically because I was concerned about certain propositions and amendments that were on the ballot in St. Louis locally. So, I suggest that we all get really into a local elections be familiar with local officials, be familiar with politicians and where they stand on issues that affect black communities. That's really my only advice is to just get into the local politics. And so in addition to getting involved with the local politics, how can we get involved with the Black Lives Matter movement, and support, what support do you now need from the community to really rally behind the movement. I think, based on conversations I've been having today, and based on texts and the phone calls I've gotten today. I think people are very much ready to be activated, and are just waiting on instruction, or almost Trying to find where they fit in, and so I think that that is one of the things that the movement will have to figure out is how to bridge that gap and connect the people who want to do the work, with the people who are actually already doing the work. Doing the work, yes, thank you very much for your time Janetta. And for joining us here on Essence life, all of you out there keep those comments and questions coming to our Facebook page now, or by using the hashtag Essence life.Speaking of black lives [UNKNOWN] raise your hand if you had someone say all lives matter whenever you. You say black lives matter. Well [UNKNOWN] has the perfect clap back. Take a look. [MUSIC] Question isn't whether or not all lives matter. Its whether or not we have to say all lives matter in the midst of a black lives matter movement. If when people were getting lynched in the 19th century, people said, no no, take the Negroes off the trees, all lives matter, we wouldn't be mad. If when Rodney King is getting beaten and they say no no, we can't beat these people, all lives matter. If they said, empty out these prisons because people are being mass incarcerated for drug crimes that their white counterparts aren't. We'd say you know what all lives matter, let them out. Nobody would be tripping. But it's the fact that all lives matter was only said at the moment that we publicly asserted that black lives matter. That it feels like a response. It feels like a challenge to the idea that black lives matter. It feels like a way of undermining the idea that black lives matter. So yes, we all concede that all life has value, and all lives matter. But White lives have never been called into question. White lives have never been said to not matter. So that's why it's important, necessary, even, that we say Black lives matter. [MUSIC] People talk about Black on Black crime like it's this unique Most races are killed by people of the same race. It's because people tend to be killed by people who live close to them, and in this society people tend to live near people who look like them, are the same race, ethnicity, religion, etc. That's just a problem of residential segregation, that's a problem of poverty. That's not a problem of black people being uniquely inclined to kill one another. [MUSIC] Nobody seems to like the candidates running, so if you could pick anybody Anybody to run for President. Anybody, outside of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Who would it be? Beyonce. Jesus. [LAUGH] Darth Vader. [LAUGH] I think he would be a serious candidate. He would be firm about the issues, and he don't play. Don't make me destroy What do you think Beyonce would do as the President? What do you wanna see from the new President? I wanna see her wearing sparkles all the time. And glitter body suits, why not? So if you could pick anybody outside of Clinton and Trump to run for President, who would it be? Michelle Obama. Michelle Obama. I would pick probably Mayer Bloomberg. I just felt like he was very Inclusive as a mayor so. And he got that money? Yeah and that, too. [SOUND] It would be Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders. Bernie. He has the experience. He's really passionate about the issues. He wasn't just saying whatever he needed to say to get the votes. And he wasn't just being as demeaning As possible. I'll take Kanye. Okay, why Kanye? I like his style. He's creative. I like his fashion sense. And he loves the people. You ain't got the answer, Swake. So, speaking of Kanye, if you could put a song to describe the election, what song would you pick? Yeah. [LAUGH] I'll make up my own song, and I will say it's a mess. Get rich or die trying. Work by Rihanna. My achy breaky heart. It's a song by Eminem called puke, and it goes you make me sick to my stomach. Yeah, I like that song. That would be to describe Donald Trump. Yeah, that's the song. I like that one. [MUSIC] You;re watching SS LIve. A very special edition, of our vote counts. It's the morning after. I'm your host Dana Blair. And to say that this election has been a crazy one, is an under statement. From Clinton's emails and Trumps groping pussy's there have been more than a few WTF moments, so Here to talk all about it is, Essence senior news and culture editor, Christina Coleman. And Essence digital producer, Whitney Gaspard. Welcome so much ladies. [CROSSTALK] [SOUND] We have a lot to talk about. Yes we do. Ok, so your in politics. What was the biggest head scratching moment for you? You know what? We had a lot of those. We did a lot of content around the craziest moments of the election, and they run the gambit from Donald Trump saying he was gonna grab People's vaginas to Hillary Clinton's email scandal and Comey coming down with that investigation right before the election. Right. But really, the thing that is so surprising to me is that we're sitting here today under a Donald, our president elect is Donald Trump. That's the most WTF moment of this entire election. Yeah. I'm kind of still shaking. Because we were up all last night. Right. And we came on to work this morning. And it's just a big, big shock. Which is crazy because at the end of the day, when you look at the numbers that the ritual climate of this country, it shouldn't see my kids. It's not surprising but it is. So quite honestly, a girl from Deep South I wasn't that surprised. But we'll get to that a little bit later on. There were several moments when many people thought Donald Trump was done. He mocked the disabled, Latinos, black people. What do you think made so many overlook that and elect him anyway? Whitney? I think that people really did find Find some sort of connection in his sort of blatant language. And I think sitting in the sphere of media we sort of lose that a little bit. How people talk, and what people are talking about. And sort of what people say at the kitchen table. And we miss that. And so but he didn't. And So he connected with people in that way and that's why everyone thought that they liked him, because they said that he was relatable, so I think that's really what it was. Do you know what else is there too? I'm sorry, but I think it's the fact that white people who are responsible for voting him Him into office and lets just be really clear about that. It's not minority, it's not that they're party voters, it's not people that sat at the election black people still galvanised.>> Right absolutely.>> And rallied around this election. It's the fact that white people were not ready to confront the fact, confront. their own right privilege. And so especially for women who voted overwhelming for Trump and not Hillary Clinton. Which is a big shock considering all his comments and feedback. I apologize we've run out of time. We're going to continue this conversation online. [MUSIC] Thank you to all of you out there who have joined us on Essence Live World. And all of our guests who've joined me today. And of course, continue to give us your comments using the hashtag, #esssencelive. Now we have a very special announcement. Starting next week, Essence Live will air on Tuesdays at 3:00 PM Eastern on Facebook, and That's starting Tuesday, November 15th at 3PM Eastern. So go ahead and put in your phones, calendars, and reminders so you don't miss a thing. If you missed any of today's show, there's a lot to continue to discuss. You can catch the replay immediately after this on We're gonna close out with a look back at all the folks form this election cycle that we hope to never here from again. I'm Dana Blair and I'll see you Tuesday, November 15th at 3PM Eastern. Thank you for watching. [MUSIC] You say black lives matter, that's inherently racist. Before Obama came along, we Didn't have any successful radical Islamic terrorist attacks in the United States. [MUSIC] A lot of people go into prison straight and when they come out they're gay. So did something happen while they were in there? What do you think you took away from today? My luggage. [MUSIC] Hold on. Okay. [MUSIC] First of all, there is no police brutality in America. We ended that back in the 60s. We need to delegitimize black light [UNKNOWN] moments. We have enough of their nonsense. [MUSIC] See, the media has the problem with Donald Trump and race not Donald Trump. You twitted how Obama's father was in Africa, you said that only the pure breeds left. Do you regret that, would you retract that? [MUSIC] No, not at all. Look, these tweets, I'm an activist, I myself am a half breed. [MUSIC]

What Do Black Folks Do After A Trump Win?

In an astonishing and unprecedented upset, Donald J. Trump has secured his position as the next president of these United States. Despite his hateful and devise rhetoric, half of the country is assured he the best man for the job. But where do we, Black women --who gave Hillary Clinton 94% of our collection vote -- go under this Trump administration? How will we get through the next four years with a President Trump at the helm of this nation? We brought together a few experts including Black Lives Matter activist and former ESSENCE cover girl, Johnetta Elize, to talk about just that in this special edition of ESSENCE Live. This is one you don't want to miss.