The hip-hop vet spoke to us about what ESSENCE means to him.What's up Essence? I'm Dana Johnson here at the twentieth anniversary of the Essence Festival kicking the night off with Nas. [MUSIC] It's the twentieth anniversary of Illmatic, twentieth anniversary of Essence Festival. You are getting the weekend started, what does this moment feel like for you? Celebration. First of all, we're in New Orleans, we're at the Superdome. This, and this is Essence, y'know, and it gets no better than Essence. Essence is the essence of what it's all about, when it comes to, culture and stuff like that. So, you know, just having them have me is a honor. Everybody's been all the buzz, all the talk, everybody's been extremely excited to see your show. What do you go through, what's your steps and process to prepare before you take the stage? You know 100%, do it the way I am, do it the way who I am, take people on a journey, and hopefully they get it. You know, its like I feel like every time I'm out there, I'm introducing myself to somebody new all the time. I'm meeting somebody new, somebody new's meeting me, and, and that's a great moment. Is there any artist or musical acts that you're looking forward to seeing yourself while you're here this weekend? Everybody man, from Prince, Lionel Richie, everybody. Essence Festival. Yeah, peace.
Jul, 26, 2014

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