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[SOUND] Love. That word love in its rawest form. It means the whole in the highest regard. To have the highest form of concern for another with demonstration. Today, we gather together. On this beautiful summer evening, on this auspicious and momentous occasion, to join together this man and this woman in the holiest state of matrimony. Today we celebrate the love that William and Heather have for one another. [MUSIC] If I was Publicly hanging from a cliff, I know you would reach your arm out to save me. See this love, see this love is patient and kind, this love is not changing it's mind, this love does not envy or boast. This love Today is making a toast that it will stand with us, through the storms, from coast to coast, through movie premieres, and red carpets, and lights, camera, action. See, this love, this love is neither about the glitz and the glamour. This love is deeper than physical attraction, this love. You were about five. We asked, what would you want for your birthday. And you told mom, you wanted to go to Hollywood. You said well, when will I be old enough? And she said, maybe nine or ten. And she didn't get to Hollywood when she turned nine. But I think you found your Hollywood. I was talking to Heather. Couple days ago, about the first time she met my dad. And she was like, " He talked to me. And he was talking about a couple little movies he produced." And she was like, "I hadn't seen any of them, but I lied and said I did." And you know, and that's what I love about Heather. Because to me and Heather It didn't matter. What we saw was a man who was short. [LAUGH] Heather Lindsay, from my heart. You have saved me in ways that I have never, ever said out loud. And I, do promise And I will spend the rest of my life trying the very best that I can to show that just a little piece of me deserves all that you are. [MUSIC] I have waited my entire life for this moment. I have waited my entire life for you. You have been perfect for me, and I have known that from the beginning. And I will Always love you unconditionally for everything that you are and everything that you are to me. [BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] And so, William, do you take thee Heather to be your lawfully wedded wife? To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live? If you will, please just respond by saying I do. Absolutely, I do. Heather, do you take thee William to be your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to hold, to live and to cherish, in sickness and in health, for rich or for poor, as long as both shall live, if you would please us by saying, I do. I do. [MUSIC] Therefore by the power Power invested in me. It gives me great honor, great privilege and pleasure to formally and officially pronounce you man and wife, husband and wife. You may now- [LAUGH] salute your bride. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]

VIDEO: Will Packer's Surprise Wedding Day

The Hollywood producer and his longtime love Heather Hayslett tie the knot in style at their Georgia home. Watch an exclusive look at The Packers wedding night. To see photos and read their story pick up the November 2015 issue of ESSENCE.