Thando Kafele, Senior stylist at Locks ‘n Chops Natural Hair, explains the truths and falsehoods about locs.[MUSIC] Hi I'm Deena Campbell. Today I have the lovely Kafele with me. He is a lock star at Lock n' Chop here in New York City. And today he's going to talk to us about myths. So, let's talk a little about some myths that's been going around. One of those myths is that we, who have locks, don't shampoo our hair. Uh-oh. I know that's not true. [LAUGH] Absolutely not. Cleanliness is next to godliness, and at Locks and Chops we provide full service of shampoo, conditioning, a steam treatment, grooming and styling. What's another myth? Another myth is that locks are not versatile. We can twist them, we can braid them, we can curl them, we can do up-dos, we can accessorize them. We haven't even touched on the possibilities yet on what we can do with our natural hair. Wow, how many styles do you think exist [UNKNOWN]? The possibilities are endless. [LAUGH]. So what about Locs in the work place? A lot of people think that they're not professional. And I know that's not true. What do you think? I think presentation is everything. And as long as the Locs are well groomed, you will make a lasting impression. We often see [UNKNOWN] on the red carpet, using her Locs as a standard of professionalism and beauty. Great, well thank you so much for telling us a little bit about the myth, and I'm sure we can use them, and tell other people that everything you hear isn't always true. [MUSIC]
Aug, 28, 2014

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