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I woke up last Thursday, and I had no voice. None, nothing would come out. Boy. It was really scary, I talk a lot. [APPLAUSE] And [SOUND] Because I couldn't talk, I couldn't work. And because I couldn't work, we pushed production. And so I had to work today, and I will tell you that I've been working since Monday as a silent actress [LAUGH]. [LAUGH] I've been at work at six in the morning, and I have emoted like I've never emoted before. I will put my words in an ADR. Not having a voice has been a very spiritual experience for me. I learned a lot and I got clear in a way that I've never been clear before but the thing that I became To me was, I am not the sound of my voice. [APPLAUSE] I am me. [APPLAUSE] And I can be the same me.

Tracee Ellis Ross Talks Confronting Fear and Being Her Authentic Self in Emotional ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood

“I have come to understand and listen to the fear,’ said the Black-ish star while receiving the Fierce and Fearless award at the 9th annual Essence Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon.