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I woke up last Thursday, and I had no voice. None, nothing would come out. Boy. It was really scary, I talk a lot. [APPLAUSE] And [SOUND] Because I couldn't talk, I couldn't work. And because I couldn't work, we pushed production. And so I had to work today, and I will tell you that I've been working since Monday as a silent actress [LAUGH]. [LAUGH] I've been at work at six in the morning, and I have emoted like I've never emoted before. I will put my words in an ADR. Not having a voice has been a very spiritual experience for me. I learned a lot and I got clear in a way that I've never been clear before but the thing that I became To me was, I am not the sound of my voice. [APPLAUSE] I am me. [APPLAUSE] And I can be the same me.
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