These ladies always have great style and change their look often. We have to admit we're innocently obsessed with them too!Hair crushes. Number one, Rihanna. I absolutely love Rihanna. I like how she is a daredevil when it comes to her hair. I like the way she changes it up. You know, she'll rock a short hair, she'll rock a long hair, she'll shave her side. You know, she's always experimenting, and I like that about her. I also love Tracee Ellis Ross. And the reason why, you know, I love her is because she really embraces her natural hair, and she embraces her curls. And I'm impressed by that. I love how she, will put her hair in braids. And she has this really nice, natural quality to her. Her hair is her accessory, her hair is who she is. And I like that about her.
Jun, 29, 2014

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