Tia Mowry-Hardrict Reveals Her Hair Challenges

Everyone has hair issues, find out how Tia overcomes hers.

ESSENCE.COM Jun, 29, 2014
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What are some of the challenges that I face with my hair texture? Well I have natural curly hair. If I blow out my hair and straighten it, I tend to lose the buoyancy, I guess, of the curl. That's not a lot of fun. You know, that's not fun because I want to [MUSIC] You know, switch up and change up my, my hairstyle. And then also frizzy days. When you have a day where your curls are perfect and amazing, you like want to celebrate. You wanna go out, have a glass of wine, and party. Cuz, you know, it rarely happens. You're like yes, my hair, these curls are rocking today. But I've learned to embrace the frizz. That's what I've been told by hair stylists. They're like, dude embrace the frizz. That gives your hair character. Tips or tricks when it comes to maintaining your hair. I used to think this. You shouldn't wash your hair every day or often. But Kim Campbell, who is my hair stylist, and who's been, you know, working with me and my hair. She told me that's a myth. Like, you really should wash your hair. Why? Because you don't want, not bacteria, but you just don't want a build-up on your hair. You wanna constantly keep your scalp clean and your hair clean for growth. And also, washing it you know, it stimulates the growth. Stimulating the scalp. Also, sleep with silk pillow cases or silk bonnets. Now, I know for me, I don't know if my husband likes me going to sleep with a bonnet on my head. I'm trying to keep it sexy. [LAUGH] So, a silk pillowcase will work. [LAUGH]