[MUSIC] He was endearing as hell. And even through we only had him for a few months, he's part of our fabric now. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO] There's times when people will call me and say I know you ad-libbed that. You ad-libbed that, the ox tail, I know you put that in there. And it was like that was written, no they wrote it. But that's the kind of writers room it is, people don't play around with it, they do the research, they They keep their ear to the ground. Dan was very careful to have representations of other cultures in that room. He was very specific about it. And he went on a search to get that. And then also, they give us the opportunity to play with it. They'll say if something doesn't feel as natural, say something. Say something else, I'll throw in little things here and there that sort of to me represent What a young woman in her 30s would say. This is what she would say, whether she has kids or not. This is what she would say. This is the culture. This is where we're at. As far as Sterling and I are concerned, we have this sort of idea Of this young love that you know they kinda just held on to each other and they chose each other and so we work from that. I in turn to Beth and I'm just being her with her husband but its not to get the feedback to realize what's actually resonating with people. So The fact that people feel that we are this great representation of black love on television. How can you be mad at that? You grew up searching for that on TV. You searched for the Cosby Show images. You searched for Martin and Gina. You searched for These touch stone relationships that we have to try to find growing up as a reflection. And so the fact that I'm in one of them, yeah, still wrapping my brain around it. But it's a good feeling. [MUSIC]

Mar, 14, 2017