[SOUND] So in Randall dealing with his anxiety and breakdowns, why do you think it's so important for that character to embody all of those issues and for it to be like I think. It's kind of a little bit a conversation starter about mental health in black men. But, I wish it wasn't happening on this show, kind of. Really? I just don't know. I mean if I knew more about the writers behind it and who were writing it then maybe I would feel some type of way. But, if it's just like. White people writing about a black man having a breakdown. I'm going to feel some type of way about it. Wow. Just because it'd be nice to have the perspective of a black man instead of just like.... Yeah. I mean I think either way it is a great conversation starter. It's something that we don't see often on T.V. and I think that's part of the problem. That black men are always angry, hyper-sexualized or they're just like these big masculine figures and we don't often see them break down and deal with the woes of being a parent and a husband and an employee and a child. Yeah, Randall's like a real person. He is a black man who is going through issues that nobody Either black or white is like exempt from. And I dont care that the writers might all be whiter might all be blacker or combination of anything else, I just think its a really important thing. Its absolutely important, but I would prefer, like have Because theres like certain wants about being a black man that only black men would know Your right and that's why I think I really love [INAUDIBLE] character because she just gives subtle hints that I dont think that they write into the script that give you clues that she's black As black as they come. I would love to see how they met, like in a flashback, to have their back story. This is why we need a spin-off. Yes, I would be down for that. This is why we need a spin-off. Cuz you know they probably met and it was just like, [SOUND]. I feel like she probably had an afro or something really cute. He was like that cute little nerdy boy. And she was like come on let me give you some of this black loving. And then they just lived happily ever after. And have their cute little black babies. Those cute little black babies. My God. Okay, now Randall's dad We need to talk about him. Every time Randall says on screen like I just feel like I might start crying because he's like dying, he's like trying to deal with dying and then Randall's like trying to make sure he takes care of himself, but William's also like I'm dying, I know I'm dying, just let me figure out and do it in peace. I can see both sides and I can see why Randall is like freaking out because his dad's dying, but it's also like William just wants to Time piece, and do it his own way, and it's just so much. Every time there's a scene between those two I just feel like I'm gonna cry. But I also think that it's kinda two-fold, right? Randall's dad has already died, Jack is dead. Yeah. And that was his dad, that's the only dad he knew for the entirety of his life. And then there's this other, William comes in and it's like, you're my dad but you're like not really. Yeah. So it's kinda like learning someone new while also like experiencing letting someone go again. Yeah. And I think of that as really, really powerful. It's crazy. It's also kind of, like when you think about it, really heartbreaking. Because this was his second shot at having a dad. Can a black man get a dad? Please? Like, let this man have a dad. That's all I want for Randall. Give this man a dad that's not Miguel, because I don't like him. [LAUGH] That's going to be a point of Disagree with you because I like Miguel, so. I don't like Miguel. You know what you need to get over your Miguel bias. [MUSIC]

Mar, 08, 2017

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